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About The Auctions

With very rare exception, all of our items are offered to the open market at no reserve and no starting price. There are NO HIDDEN FEES., ever. You will see every detail of the transaction from beginning to end.

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Current Auctions

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Premium Guns

We list all of our firearms on Gunbroker.com at 14-day auctions, completely turning over the inventory every two weeks. You will see 600-700 firearms listed at a time, selling on Sunday nights, at which time the new batch goes up. Be sure to check back at least once every two weeks so nothing gets by you.

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Shooting, Gun Parts, Collectibles, Reloading Accessories

Everything but guns and ammo can be found on eBay.com. From reloading equipment, holsters, scopes & gun parts to militaria and collectibles, you will find it on Ebay. We run 10-day auctions here, with about 500 items beginning every other Thursday and selling two Sundays later. We promise 1-2 day shipping on your eBay purchases and will eventually have whatever it is you have been looking for.

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Ammo & Reloading Components

Ammo & Reloading components are listed on GunBroker.com. These auctions run on the same schedule, listing and selling concurrently with our gun auctions. So whether you are looking for single and rare cartridges, cases of shootable ammo or bullets, brass & components for reloading, we will have it for sale in our ammo auctions.