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Wyoming Outpost Auctions

Lock Stock & Barrels WY Affiliate is Now Open for Business!

Your place for Gun Parts kits, Trench knives, and Ordnance…
All the stuff CA won’t let us sell.

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Colt 1911 Serial Number 173

Sold For: $40,125

Colt Ohio Ordnance Works BAR

Sold For: $13,014

Custer Range Colt SAA

Sold For: $75,000

J. Beattie Howdah Pistol

Sold For: $8,114

Emmett Dalton's S&W

Sold For: $15,725


Whether you are looking for your first gun or to add to your collection, see how we are the best option for completing your purchase - Without a Buyer’s Premium!

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If you are looking to sell a single item or an entire collection, learn how we are the premier choice for getting the best value for your items.

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Why Lock, Stock & Barrel

  • Experience

    Lock Stock & Barrel is the premier West Coast auction house for firearms, militaria, and shooting/reloading accessories.

  • Volume

    We currently auction over 7,000 firearms and 13,000 associated items every year, making us the largest seller of used firearms and related merchandise on the West Coast.

  • Availability

    We obtain single items and entire collections for auction from all 50 U.S. states. We sell to all 50 U.S. states, as well as several countries.

  • Transparency

    We auction your items with unmatched detailed descriptions, and superior high resolution photography. Buyer’s will be able to see and read exactly what they are bidding on. Every aspect, good or bad, is shown and explained.

  • Satisfaction

    Our ethical and honest business practices and keen focus on customer service, have led to nearly 100% positive and A+ feedback after tens of thousands of transactions. No matter what the issue, we always ensure our customers are satisfied.

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