We make turning your guns into cash easy!

At Lock Stock & Barrel, we turn your guns into cash and we make it easy on you. Our goal is to deliver you the most money possible for your items, all while making the process stress free and painless for you. We take care of all the work, details and legal compliance; all you need to do is bring the guns to us or schedule an appointment for us to come to you.

Our Acquisition Team

Spencer Hoglund

Spencer Hoglund Lock Stock & Barrel

Ryan Avena

Ryan Avena Lock Stock & Barrel

Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer Northwest Acquistions

Brian Hoover

Brian Hoover Wyoming Outpost Auctions

Amanda Rella

Amanda Rella Consignor Liaison

What To Expect

We’ve prepared a printable checklist you can use to prepare your items for us!
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Connecticut Shotgun Model 21
Connecticut Shotgun Model 21 – Sold For: $25,550
  • We Will Be On-time or Early

    If we're coming early, have coffee ready. If we're coming late, excuse our appearance!

  • We Will Be Faster Than You Expect

    It takes us about 1-3 minutes per gun to fill out the paperwork, so we won't take up too much of your time.

  • We Bring Our Own Packing Materials

    It's best to use our own for the safety of your consignment. We can use your packing material if absolutely necessary, but we don't suggest it. (Note: this does not apply to factory or valuable boxes/cases. We definitely want those!)

Colt Model 1905
Colt Model 1905 – Sold For: $12,025
  • To Consign or Not to Consign

    Try to decide if you'd like to sell or consign your guns before we arrive.

  • Have All Your Items in One Place

    It's VERY helpful (and ultimately more valuable) if you have matched your gun with all of its accessories: bayonet, box/case, scope, rings, holster.

  • Have a Current Photo ID Ready

    We will need to make a copy of your photo ID for our paperwork.