Beautiful Pair of P. Ebert & Sohne Suhl Pistols .50 Caliber Percussion Target Pistols – Antique

Make: P. Ebert & Sohne Suhl
Model: Percussion Target Pistols
Serial Number: 1 and 2
Year of Manufacture: Antique Ca. 1840
Caliber: Approximately .50 Caliber
Action Type: Single Shot Percussion
Markings: The barrels are both inlaid with “P. Ebert & Sohne In Suhl”. One gun has a “1” in a circle at the chamber and the other has a “2”. These guns are beautifully and delicately hand engraved. The work done is some of the best engraving we have ever seen. The screws are even engraved and there are numerous metal inlays in the wood and precious metal inlays in the barrel.
Barrel Length: About 8 1/2″
Sights / Optics: These pistols are mounted with dovetail set front silver blades. The rear sight is an elevation adjustable notch behind the barrel. Adjustable sights on a percussion of this vintage and quality are truly special.
Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are high grade, carved and checkered wood. Both stocks are sound and free of splits or cracks. The wood has darkened appropriately with age. There are scattered dings and marks throughout. The checkering is still quite sharp, showing far less wear than would be expected. The wood has not been sanded nor refinished. The grips rate in about Excellent overall condition for their age.
Type of Finish: Steel Hardware, With Silver Appointments
Finish Originality: Factory Original
Bore Condition: The bores both have very deep rifling, which gets shallower as you look closer to the breech. The bore is a bit gray, but the rifling is sound and very pronounced. There is mild erosion, but no severe pitting.
Overall Condition: These guns retain little if any finish and were very likely produced in the white. The silver appointments have begun to discolor slightly to yellow. The steel surfaces are generally smooth with a light drift to patina. There is very light erosion on the barrels and locks, this looks more like frosting or discoloration than erosion. The locks are a bit darker than the barrels. The engraving is still sharp and detailed. The pistols show their age, but have had much care in their keeping for the past 170 years. These pistolss were likely once cased, which probably explains their very good condition. The Screw heads are all servicable, though some show wear. Please see our pictures of these beautiful pistols as it is difficult to explain their beauty in words. The markings are legible, though the inlays are just a bit difficult to read. Overall, these pistols rates in about Fine – Excellent condition.
Mechanics: The actions functions correctly. We have not fired these pistols. Both pistols have functional metal swivel nipple protectors, which have served their purpose of protecting the nipples. These pistols are still in shooting condition, though we don’t see any reason to shoot them.
Box, Paperwork & Accessories: A wad of an old newspaper was found in the barrel of one pistol. This paper shows a picture of what looks like a pair of French Dueling pistols. We don’t know why this paper was retained with these pistols, but it is still there in case you want to hazard a guess.
Our Assessment: The gun maker Paul Ebert is listed in Suhl circa 1830-44. Paul Ebert was famous for manufacturing only the highest quality hunting guns. Ebert’s highest quality guns were manufactured in very limited numbers on the European aristocracy and royal families orders. This is apparent with these pistols. We have sold several pairs of percussion pistols and we can honestly say we have never seen a pair built to the same standard as these. These guns have adjustable rear sights – IN 1840! The engraving is spectacular, as is all the other work accomplished. These pistols even have what appears to be their original nipples and the very interesting nipple protectors. This is a high end pair of percussion pistols, from one of history’s best makers, and in great condition.

Sold For: $4,592.00

Beautiful Pair of P. Ebert & Sohne Suhl Pistols .50 Caliber Percussion Target Pistols - Antique
Beautiful Pair of P. Ebert & Sohne Suhl Pistols .50 Caliber Percussion Target Pistols – Antique