Springfield Armory M1A & M2 Bipod 7.62mm NATO .308 22″ Parkerized Semi Automatic TRW Rifle MFD 1973

Sold For: $2,526.00

LSB#: 170224LR33

Make: Springfield Armory

Model: M1A

Serial Number: 000688

Year of Manufacture: 1973 (http://m14forum.com/reference/6748-sa-inc-m1a-serial-number-born-date-database-000001-100000-a.html)

Caliber: .308 Winchester

Action Type: Semi Auto, Detachable Magazine

Markings: The face of the M2 bipod is marked with a Defense Eagle Acceptance stamp, “U.S. 7790688 / BIPOD RIFLE M2”. The bottom of each leg base is stamped “M”.
The interior of the stock’s magazine well is marked “D-3741 / GB-1 / DT” on the left and “D3742 GB1 DT” on the right.
Receiver: “US RIFLE / 7.62-mm M1A / SPRINGFIELD / ARMORY / 000688”.
Trigger Group:”7267030 SA”
Hammer: “C46008-7 SA”
Safety: “SA-11”
Op Rod:”7267064 SAK / S”
Bolt: “7790186 / TRW ZB” – A TRW bolt.
Barrel Bottom: “DEVLINE TEX” – An LH Manufacturing Springfield barrel.

Barrel Length: Approximately 22 inches

Sights / Optics: The front sight assembly is not on the rifle. A front sight / flash suppressor assembly cannot be mounted on the rifle in California or other states with extremely stupid restrictions. Residents of California must use a front sight / muzzle break assembly. They can be found on-line or at a Gun Show.
The rear sight is a fully adjustable aperture set between protective ears. The windage knob is marked “LEFT arrow” twice and “BME”. The elevation knob is marked from “2-12” in increments of 2 and “WC E”.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The USGI fiberglass & synthetic M14 stock has a pistol grip and a fiberglass upper handguard. There is a cutout at the right rear of the receiver for an M14 selector switch. There are sling swivels mounted at the butt and on the forend. The butt stock has a checkered metal butt plate that swivels up to reveal a second checkered butt plate underneath it. The second buttplate has a trapdoor that covers two holes in the stock for storage of cleaning equipment. There is cleaning equipment stored in the butt. The exterior buttplate shows light scrapes. The receiver mounting portion of the stock shows a few spots of excess bedding material. The sides of the forearm show scrapes & compression marks from the bipod feet. The stock shows several other light scrapes & scuffs. The LOP measures 13 1/4 inches from the front of the trigger to the back of the butt plate. The stock rates in about Very Good to Fine overall condition.

Type of Finish: Parkerized

Finish Originality: Original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion. The bore shows an M.E. of -0.5 (negative 0.5).

Overall Condition: This rifle retains about 96% of its metal finish. The bolt and right side of the receiver show thinning consistent with cycling. The barrel shows scuffs & scrapes. The trigger guard is scraped. The gas tube shows some light oxidation. The screw heads are intact. The markings are deep. Overall, this rifle rates in about Very Good to Fine condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We have not fired this rifle. As with all previously owned firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance standards.

Box, Paperwork& Accessories: The rifle has an M2 bipod & sling attached. The bipod legs extend, retract & fold properly. The metal shows scrapes, scuffs and oxidation. Overall the bipod is in about Very Good to Fine condition. The green canvas sling shows small scratches & oxidation on the metal tabs. It is in about Fine condition. The rifle comes with cleaning tools stored in the butt. They include a 4 piece rod with loop & pouch, bore brush, combination tool, oiler & patches. The patches secure the tools in place. The cleaning rods are stored in a nylon pouch. The pouch is stained & the bottom of the pouch is frayed. The pouch is in about Very Good condition. The other tools are in about Very Good to Fine condition. See photos.

Our Assessment: The Springfield M1A is the civilian version of the military M14 rifle. Springfield Armory, Inc. began making M1A rifles with surplus G.I. parts back in 1974 and then started to produce full M1A rifles. Prior to 1974 LH Manufacturing used the name Springfield Armory and made the first M1A rifles. The name and the production on the M1A changed hands in 1974. This Springfield M1A comes with an M2 bipod, synthetic M14 stock and even uses a TRW bolt (TRW M14 parts are desirable). It is an early Springfield rifle with the low serial number of 000688 and an early barrel marked “DEVLINE TEX” that is still strong & bright. Springfield Armory (LH Manufacturing) was located in Texas prior to being sold & relocated to Geneseo, Illinois. There is no front sight / flash suppressor assembly on the rifle.

Springfield Armory M1A & M2 Bipod 7.62mm NATO .308 22" Parkerized Semi Automatic TRW Rifle MFD 1973
Springfield Armory M1A & M2 Bipod 7.62mm NATO .308
22″ Parkerized Semi Automatic TRW Rifle MFD 1973