The Lone Ranger’s and Tonto’s Winchester Model 1894’s (Straight From John Hart)

Taking Stock #24

If you are a child of the 70’s and 80’s, you grew up with Sesame Street. If you are a child of the 50’s or 60’s, you grew up with the Silver Screen Cowboys – (not puppets). If you are growing up today, its Soap Opera’s, Daytime Talk and Meet The Kardashians.

“Howdy Doody”, “Gunsmoke”, “Bonanza” and of course “The Lone Ranger” raised the Baby Boomer’s and for all intensive purposes, defined that generation. These TV Western’s taught the youth of the day right from wrong, showed good triumphing over evil and taught children where America and her ideals came from. Unlike today, there was never a moral crisis, good and bad was clear… We feel for the kids of today, who learn far different lessons from the Kardashians than Any Griffith. What happened to The Lone Ranger and the society that helped form him and he helped form?

We digress, those questions are better suited for Sociologists and Behavioral Scientists, and all we can do is add a bit of  sad commentary on the downfall of The Cowboy Way and The Frontier Romance that defined America for so long. That said, the ideals may have changed, but the guns have not.  This week, we have two spectacular rifles – one owned by Jay Silverheels “Tonto” and the other by John Hart “The Lone Ranger”.

So much has changed, but not America’s rifles. These fine old Winchesters were owned by John Hart and Jay Silverheels and will only bring the youthful exuberance and joy back to you, the senior man today that was a 5 year old watching the Lone Ranger and Tonto get out of another situation, 60+ years ago.

Here we have provided an opportunity to retain the golden years of your youth, of television and of Westerns. These guns may be your only connection back, and they came directly to our consignor from John Hart and directly to you from our consignor.

Tanto's Winchester Model 1894's (Straight From John Hart)
Tonto’s Winchester Model 1894’s (Straight From John Hart)
"The Lone Ranger"'s Winchester Model 1894's (Straight From John Hart)
“The Lone Ranger”‘s Winchester Model 1894’s (Straight From John Hart)