Colt Python Model I3060, Sharp Satin Stainless Steel 6” 6-Shot DA Double Action Revolver & Box, MFD 1983

Sold For: $3,412.99

LSB#: 161228TK01

Make: Colt

Model: Python I3060

Serial Number: K99653

Date of Manufacture: 1983 (

Caliber: .38 Special/.357 Magnum

Action Type: 6-Shot Single and Double Action Revolver With Swing Out Cylinder

Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked “PYTHON .357 / * .357 MAGNUM CTG. *”. The right side of the barrel is marked “COLT’S PT. F.A. MFG. CO. / HARTFORD, CONN. U.S.A.”. The flat under the crane and the crane are marked with the serial number. The left sideplate is marked with a “Rampant Colt” logo. The left front of the trigger guard is marked with “VP” in a triangle and at the rear with “P”. The box is serialized to the pistol.

Barrel Length: The vent rib barrel with full underlug is 6”.

Sights / Optics: This revolver is mounted with a square notched rear leaf sight adjustable for windage and elevation that is pinned to the top strap of the frame. The front sight is a serrated ramp blade, pinned to the top of the rib. The top of the barrel rib and the top strap have a matte finish to reduce glare.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are Pachmayr marked Presentation grips with gold-colored Rampant Colt logo medallions. The stock is free of major damages and only shows light scuffs. The grips are in about Excellent condition.

Type of Finish: Brushed & Matte Stainless Steel

Finish Originality: All Original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion.

Overall Condition: This revolver retains about 99% of its finish. The surfaces have a few light scuffs, looking to be from storage or light handling, the cylinder has a drag line that has only polished the brushed surface, indicative of light use. The screw heads are sharp. The markings are clear. Overall, this gun rates in about Excellent condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. The lock-up on this revolver is SOLID, with no play. The trigger is Extremely smooth in double action, and crisp in single action. We have not fired this revolver. This revolver has a wide target style hammer and a serrated trigger.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: Included is the pistol’s original box, showing exterior scuffing and scrapes, in Fine condition. A grouping of factory paperwork is also included, in Excellent condition.

Our Assessment: From “The “Python” revolver was introduced by Colt company (USA) in 1955. It was awailable in different barrel lenghts, suitable for self-defence (2.5 and 4 in barels), service (4 and 6 in barrels), hunting and target shooting (4 – 8 in variants). Early “Pythons”, especailly those without letters in the serial numbers (made from 1955 until mid-1960’s) were indeed very accurate guns, often compared to Manurhin MR-73’s or SIG P210’s. Some time ago Colt discontinued the “Python” series in favor of the more modern “Kingcobra” revolver, but it is (probably) still available through Colt Custom Shop. All Pythons were double-action, swing-out cylinder revolvers. Sights: blade post fron sight with polymer insert; rear sights with removable sight blade are screw ajustable for both windage and elevation. Barrel is screwed into the frame and featured vented upper rib and full-lenght bottom rib that houses full lenght extractor rod. Internal safety consist of Colt’s patented transfer bar and cylinder stop (fixes cylinder when hammer is cocked).” This revolver looks to have seen minimal use and simply looks stunning. Instead of opting for the high gloss Royal Blue or Nickel finishes of old, one can actually take this revolver out to the range without immediate fear of putting a new mark down. The bore is bright with sharp rifling, the quick pointing sights and SOLID mechanical full lockup of the cylinder automatically hints at tight target groups with .38 Special and can easily fire .357 Magnum every day of the week unlike some lesser designs. If desired, this could make for a highly effective home defense revolver; after all, nothing is scarier than an angry home owner whipping out their 6″ Python! With the factory box, it will probably be a collector’s gem. Please see our pictures and good luck.

Colt Python Model I3060, Sharp Satin Stainless Steel 6” 6-Shot DA Double Action Revolver & Box, MFD 1983
Colt Python Model I3060, Sharp Satin Stainless Steel 6” 6-Shot DA Double Action Revolver & Box, MFD 1983