Semmerling Corporation Semmerling Lichtman Model LM-4, Rare Chrome 3 5/8” Double Action Only DAO Manually Operated Pistol

Sold For: $5,269.65

Make: Semmerling Corporation of Boston, Mass.

Model: Lichtman Manual LM-4

Serial Number: 277

Year of Manufacture: This model was produced in the 1980’s.

Caliber: .45 A.C.P.; Standard Mil. Spec. Cartridges Only

Action Type: Double Action Only, Manually Operated, Removable Magazine Fed Pistol

Markings: The left of the slide is marked “MOD. LM-4 / PATENTS PENDING / SEMMERLING CORP. BOSTON, MASS.”, the right is marked “CAL. .45 ACP / STD. MIL. SPEC. CTG. ONLY / 277”, the right of the frame is marked with the serial number.

Barrel Length: 3 5/8”

Sights / Optics: The front sight is a fixed serrated ramped blade. The rear sight is a square notch on the slide.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are black plastic panels with checkering and smooth borders. The left panel has a scratch and some small rub areas in the checkers. The right panel has a large crack through the material at the lower screw holes, with compression to the other checker areas. Please see our photographs. The left panel is in Very Good Plus to Fine condition, the right panel is in Fair condition.

Type of Finish: The slide and frame are chrome finished over the textured metal surfaces. The side plates and sides of the slide are polished chrome. The extractor is fire blued.

Finish Originality: Factory Original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion in the bore.

Overall Condition: This handgun retains about 96% of its metal finish. The right of the frame has a scratch mark of shallow depth with a few other scuffs. The metal on the polished areas show wispy scuffs, the other areas have nice pebbling from un-polished metal doing its job. The right side plate of the frame has a satin finish. The construction is all steel with plastic grip panels. The front of the barrel has two small plating chip losses. The rails and internals look to have seen light use. The screw heads are sharp. The markings are crisp. Overall, this handgun rates in about Fine Plus condition, though the right grip panel is cracked. Keep an eye on our eBay store (, sometimes we get grip panels in; with a new one, this pistol easily rates in Excellent condition.

Mechanics: The action functions smoothly. This design is one of the simplest repeating handguns ever made with only 33 parts. The trigger components and slide are the only moving parts, the magazine has its own release. The double action only trigger pull is very smooth, there is nominal play in the slide to frame fit. We did not fire this handgun. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance requirements.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: One four round magazine is provided. The magazine release latches are integral to the magazine, showing rub wear from normal use, the spring and feed lips are crisp, rating in Fine condition. Also included is an owners manual from American Derringer Corp, which should give nice reference on maintenance and other to-do’s, rating in Excellent condition.

Our Assessment: From Wikipedia:” The goal of the LM4 was to achieve a combination of the highest practical firepower in as small and light a gun as possible, so as to be easily concealable. This was approached by selecting the service caliber of .45 ACP for its proven stopping power and opting for a manual repeating mechanism to minimize bulk and weight and ensure flawless operation in the most difficult situations. Because of this the LM4 was first offered to the U.S. Army and government agencies. The Semmerling LM4 has 33 parts (including screws), making it one of the simplest guns ever made. In the original design, every part except for the springs was made of high-quality S-7 tool steel. Every pistol was Magnafluxed (a method of testing ferrous metals for surface and subsurface flaws) twice in their assembly, making the LM4 one of the most carefully constructed pistols produced. Each pistol was essentially handmade to order with production averaging a little over ten pieces a month, while maintaining very strict quality control procedures to ensure a high degree of reliability and functionality. Of the LM4 model, only about 600 were ever produced. Although the Semmerling was intended as a back-up pistol for those most at risk of having their primary weapon taken from them, some adopted the pistol as a “hide-out” weapon. Capable of a “shot-a-second” firing rate, a practiced shooter can achieve an outstanding shooting performance. With the magazine loaded and a round in the chamber, the Semmerling LM4 is capable of carrying five .45 ACP rounds.” That pretty much says it all. This is a rare and high quality handgun. Colonel Jeff Cooper was a big fan. Here is a link to our website with a very interesting compilation of information about the Semmerling: This chrome plated variant has about 96% of its metal finish remaining with a strong bore and SLICK action. Our first encounter with a Simmerling was a few years back and it automatically raised eyebrows in the shop. Since then, the appeal has not dropped, this is a very nice example and should be the highlight of any collection. Here is a video of the Simmerling in action:”.

Semmerling Corporation Semmerling Lichtman Model LM-4, Rare Chrome 3 5/8” Double Action Only DAO Manually Operated Pistol
Semmerling Corporation Semmerling Lichtman Model LM-4, Rare Chrome 3 5/8” Double Action Only DAO Manually Operated Pistol