Dan Wesson Model 44V, 1 of 250 Special Introductory Edition, Dove Gray 6″ 6-Shot, Double Action Revolver & Case, MFD 1981

Sold For: $1,384.00

Make: Dan Wesson Arms

Model: 44V, #134 of 250 in an Introductory Engraved Series

Serial Number: 000134

Year of Manufacture: Approximately 1981

Caliber: .44 Magnum & Special Cartridges

Action Type: 6-Shot, Single And Double Action Revolver with Swing-Out Fluted Cylinder

Markings: The right of the barrel is marked “DAN WESSON ARMS / .44 MAGNUM CTG.”, the right of the frame is marked “DAN WESSON ARMS / MONSON, MASS. U.S.A.” with the serial number. The rear of the cylinder is marked “134”. The included factory foam box and factory certificate are serialized to the pistol.

Barrel Length: The barrel is 6″ in length, removable, screwed into the barrel shroud with the company’s Power Control porting, a full under lug, shrouded ejector and ventilated rib.

Sights / Optics: The front sight is a ramp blade with an orange insert, which is removable, pinned onto the ventilated rib. The rear sight is a square notched, white lined and rear serrated wide target profile leaf on a base that is adjustable for windage and elevation.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are factory smooth rosewood with pewter DW medallions and nice fit to the grip frame. The stock is free of any notable marks and rate in Excellent overall condition.

Type of Finish: Dove Gray with Tasteful Open Scroll Engraving

Finish Originality: Factory Original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion in the bore.

Overall Condition: The handgun retains about 91% of its finish. There are scattered spots of freckling, some has shifted to light pin prick erosion. There is wear on the left of the frame from contact with the cylinder, which has a defined drag line. The scuffed areas have only polished the surfaces. There are no major damages. The screw heads are sharp. The markings are crisp. Overall, this handgun rates in about Fine Plus condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. The cylinder produces mild play in full lockup in all six chambers, with no measurable back play. The double action trigger pull is heavy but smooth, the single action is crisp. The barrel can be removed with the included wrench, which allows easy cleaning. The barrel is internally ported and vents into the shroud, with a small escape hole on top, under the rib. We did not fire this handgun. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance standards.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: Included is the pistol’s original factory cardboard sleeve and two foam halves, showing a few areas or rub wear, the foam has some surface cracks and the labels are peeling slightly, all in Fine condition. A walnut display case with a tan felt inner liner which has a small wear hole; the exterior has only a few faint marks, in Fine to Excellent condition. A barrel wrench, spacing gauge, piece of 1979 wax paper, cleaning brush, manilla envelope, owner’s manual, multiple instructional pamphlets and a “134 of 250” serialized card are included, all in Excellent condition.

Our Assessment: From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Wesson_Firearms “In late 1980, after three years of development the Dan Wesson company introduced a large-framed revolver in .44 Magnum/Special caliber, intended for hunters and target shooters (especially metal plate or silhouette target competitions).[3][8] Designed for extended use with full-power magnum loads, the new Model 44 used a larger and stronger frame than the Smith & Wesson Model 29 (M44 weight was 48 ounces with a 4-inch barrel), and featured a solid frame without a separate sideplate, which also increased strength.[9] In addition to the one-piece frame, the Model 44 incorporated other new features designed to increase accuracy, such as broached rifling and choke-bored barrels.[9] The Model 44 or Large Frame Dan Wesson was initially offered with 4″, 6″, 8″, or 10″ interchangeable barrel/shroud options,[7] and most guns shipped with a 6-inch barrel. A 2 1/2” barrel/shroud was later introduced, available as a separate option from the factory. Like the Model 15-2, the Model 44 could also be purchased with a variety of shroud configurations – either partial lug or full lug with a solid rib or ventilated-rib barrel. The Model 44 could also be obtained with a “Power Control” barrel compensator.[10] This was a stainless steel barrel drilled radially at the muzzle end with a series of small ports. Two small vents cut into the top of the barrel shroud vented excess gas and reduced apparent recoil of the gun, although this feature eliminated the option of using cast lead bullets due to lead and carbon accumulation. At the time, Dan Wesson M44 was the lightest recoiling .44 magnum ever produced.[3][8] Light recoil was a side benefit in IHMSA silhouette competitions. The Model 44’s high level of intrinsic accuracy, combined with an excellent trigger, and fast lock time, caused a surge in popularity of the M44 in heavy-caliber revolver competition, though the gun was also popular with handgun hunters and sportsmen who desired a gun for personal protection against bears or other large predators. The Power Control barrel and vented shroud were eventually dropped, though DW did experiment with an external shroud-mounted compensator in later models.” This revolver is beautiful and is part of the late 1980-1981 introductory 44V revolver, number 134 out of 250! With the Dove Gray and scroll engraved finish, it sets itself apart from the run of the mill blue Wesson revolvers. The company has a neat history, their product still intrigues collectors in many circles, this one should appeal to any revolver but will probably end up with one of the collectors. In either event, it will look great in the display case. Please see our pictures and good luck.

Dan Wesson Model 44V, 1 of 250 Special Introductory Edition, Dove Gray 6" 6-Shot, Double Action Revolver & Case, MFD 1981
Dan Wesson Model 44V, 1 of 250 Special Introductory Edition, Dove Gray 6″ 6-Shot, Double Action Revolver & Case, MFD 1981