Music and Instruments Too! at Lock Stock and Barrel Investments

Taking Stock #20; Music and Instruments Too! at Lock Stock and Barrel Investments

If you’ve read this far, you’ve obviously dug around a bit on our regularly-updated website.  We hope you find it interesting, informative, and maybe even entertaining!

In any case, by now you probably have discovered that LS&B Auctions sells much more than firearms.  We have a very active E-Bay store which has sold everything from a Viking war axe to banjos.

Some of the musical instruments that come through LS&B have left an indelible mark on us.  The touching story of an elderly woman who brought in the accordion that she had learned to play in pre-warEuropeas a child, the 1936 Martin OOO Guitar that brought almost $4000.00 to the consignor, all of these add a colorful, and even a tantalizing air to the atmosphere around the shop.

As the resident musician, I have the privilege of checking out most of the musical instruments that come through here, and some real treasures have come to light.  The Martin was a real treat, still in excellent condition, contained in the original case, and very playable.  We get accordions, too, to the delight of the staff, who take no shortage of delight in impugning my ancestry and progeny, whenever I strap one on, and verify its condition by riffing through a polka or a reel.  Jokes about them being as potentially lethal as the firearms we sell are generally ignored.  (Let them laugh; I play accordion AND banjo, which pretty much makes me a chick magnet!)

I myself have sold several guitars through LS&B, taking maximum advantage of their excellent shipping department, to make sure that the guitars arrived at their new owners safely.  But every instrument has a story to tell; most are useable, and will provide generations of enjoyment to their owners, some few are useable only as wall hangers.  When we inspect and write them up, we’ll certainly let you know!

All are treated the same; gently cleaned and inspected, photographed and described to the best of our ability, and ultimately, carefully packed and shipped off to the lucky winning bidders.  All part of the service we provide for our buyers here at Lock, Stock, & Barrel.

Music and Instruments Too! at Lock Stock and Barrel Investments