Walther Model P88 P-88 Compact, Blue & Matte Black 3 7/8” DA/SA Semi-Automatic Pistol, Box & 2 Mags MFD 1995

Sold For: $1,761.01

Make: This pistol was manufactured by Carl Walther in Germany.

Model: P88 Compact

Serial Number: 103474

Year of Manufacture: 1995

Caliber: 9mm Parabellum

Action Type: Single or Double Action Semi-Auto with 10 Round Removable Magazine

Markings: The left side of the slide is marked with the Walther “Banner” logo and “P88 COMPACT”. The left front of the slide and frame are marked “103474”. The barrel at the port is marked with a Walther Banner logo, an “Eagle / N” nitro proof and “9mmX19”. The right front of the slide is marked “INTERARMS ALEXANDRIA/VA / MADE IN GERMANY” and the right rear with an “Eagle / N” nitro proof. The right side of the frame above the front of the trigger guard is marked with an “Eagle / N” proof, a “KF” date code and an Ulm antler proof.

Barrel Length: 3 7/8”

Sights / Optics: The front sight is a low profile blade with a white dot marked that is fixed to the top of the slide. The rear sight is a square notch dovetailed into the slide that has two white dots, one on either side of the notch. The top of the slide has a shallow groove running its full length which has a matte finish to reduce glare.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are black checkered plastic with a matte finish in the smooth borders around the checkering. There are no marks in the smooth borders and only extremely light wear in the checkering. The grips rate in about Excellent overall condition.

Type of Finish: The slide is has a matte black blued finish that is lightly polished on its side flats. The alloy frame is black anodized. The front strap and backstrap are serrated, and the front of the trigger guard is flat with a serrated finish.

Finish Originality: All Original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion in the bore.

Overall Condition: This handgun retains about 99% of its metal finish. There is minor thinning on the edges of the trigger bar on the right side of the frame and the slide release on the left side, with a light mark in the top of the barrel that is exposed in the port opening. The slide, hammer, decocker, slide release and takedown lever serrations and the magazine release knurling are sharp. The grip screws are sharp and the markings are clear. Overall, this handgun rates in about Excellent condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. The double action trigger pull is relatively smooth and the single action is has a bit of creep. The pistol has an ambidextrous decocker on the sides of the slide, and a slide release mounted just above the top of the left grip. We did not fire this handgun. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance standards.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: This pistol comes with a total of two ten round double stack magazines, a factory box, a cleaning rod and paperwork. The magazines are blued with black synthetic floorplates. The left sides of the bodies are marked with a MEC-GAR logo and the right side with “PATENT 5386657”. The sides of the floorplates are marked with the Walther Banner logo, and the left sides are also marked with “2618249”. The magazine show minimal wear and are in Excellent condition. The box is brown cardboard with a simulated wood finish. The inside of the box has a cardboard divider for the pistol and its accessories. The box has a Walther Banner logo and P88 printed on the top of the box with one end panel having a label that is correctly marked with the make, model and serial number of this pistol. The bottom corners of the lid and the bottom of the box are frayed, and one edge of the lid shows fraying. There are several light handling marks in the cover with a slight dent in one corner. The box is in about Very Good to Fine condition. The cleaning rod is black synthetic with a finger loop at one end and a slot for a patch at the other. The rod is in about Excellent condition. The paperwork consists of an owner’s manual and a factory test target. The test target shows an eight shot group fired at 25 meters measuring 4.1” center-center, and is marked with the serial number of this pistol. The paperwork is in about Excellent condition.

Our Assessment: > The Walther P88 is a semiautomatic pistol developed by the Walther company of Germany in 1988. The Model 88 Compact came along a few years later, and was an attempt address some of the complaints with the Model 88 in that it was too big and bulky and that the slide stop was hard to reach. The decocker was moved to the slide and the slide release was moved to the top of the left grip where the decocker was located on the Model 88. This Model 88 Compact pistol comes with a factory box, two ten round magazines, a cleaning rod and paperwork. It is in about Excellent condition with about 99% of its metal finish remaining. The bore is bright with sharp rifling and no erosion. This pistol would be great for concealed carry, home defense and informal target practice at the range. If you don’t live in California, you will find that the 15 round factory mags for the Model 88 will fit the Compact, although the mags stick out of the grip frame a quarter inch or so.

Walther Model P88 P-88 Compact, Blue & Matte Black 3 7/8” DA/SA Semi-Automatic Pistol, Box & 2 Mags MFD 1995
Walther Model P88 P-88 Compact, Blue & Matte Black 3 7/8” DA/SA Semi-Automatic Pistol, Box & 2 Mags MFD 1995