Custom McMillan & Griswold Brothers Model G30 G-30, Heavy 24” — Bolt Action Precision Rifle With Hinged Floorplate

Sold For: $3,112.00

Make: The action was made by McMillan of Phoenix, Arizona, the barrel and gunsmithing was done by the Griswold Brothers of Ventura, California.

Model: G30

Serial Number: 1202175B

Year of Manufacture: Modern

Caliber: .300 Winchester Magnum

Action Type: Bolt Action, Internal Magazine Fed Rifle with Hinged Floorplate

Markings: The right side of the barrel is marked “.300 WIN. MAG.” with Griswold’s logo and “GRISWOLD BROTHERS GUNSMITHING / VENTURA, CA”. The left side of the receiver is marked with McMillan’s logo and “McMILLAN / PHOENIX, ARIZONA USA”. The butt of the grip has a sticker that reads “McM”. The recoil pad is marked “Decelerator”.

Barrel Length: 24”, with threading near the muzzle; the muzzle diameter is 0.59”, the barrel, before the threading, is 0.80” in diameter and the barrel reads 1.280”.

Sights / Optics: The rifle does not have provisions for iron sights, the top of the receiver has two sets of two drilled and tapped holes on the receiver rings, for the addition of a scope base (not included).

Stock Configuration & Condition: The stock is a maroon dark and light green camouflaged pattern synthetic item, which free floats the first 21 ½” of the barrel. The inside channel is fiberglass filled to perfectly mate with the rest of the barrel and receiver portion. The flanks of the forend and pistol grip have nice texturing for traction. The stock has a semi-pistol grip and fluted Monte Carlo comb. The stock shows scattered scuffs, some of which penetrate the outer paint but mostly goes unnoticed since the stock has a camouflaged pattern. There are no cracks or chip losses. The LOP measures 13 5/8” from the front of the trigger to the back of the black solid rubber shotgun-style Decelerator recoil pad; the pad is set with a black spacer and shows only light scuffs, in Excellent condition. The stock rates in about Excellent overall condition.

Type of Finish: Matte Blued, with In the White Spiral Fluted Bolt

Finish Originality: Factory Original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp; our bore gauge gave an M.E. of about 0.0. There is no erosion. We believe the rifling has a 1 in 10” right hand twist.

Overall Condition: This rifle retains about 99% of its metal finish. Outside of a few light scuffs on the floorplate and trigger plate, there are only a few extremely faint scuffs present on the surfaces. This rifle looks to have been used infrequently outside of factory testing and was well taken care of in the interim. The screw heads are sharp. The markings are cirsp. Overall, this rifle rates in about Excellent condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. The trigger is fully adjustable and currently breaks around 2lbs 13oz with no observable takeup. The spiral fluted bolt has a three position safety and glides with fluidity. The rifle weighs 9lbs 15oz. We have not fired this rifle. As with all previously owned firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance standards.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: Included is a threaded and checkered muzzle protector, with only faint scuffs, in Excellent condition.

Our Assessment: This is one hell of a setup! The Griswold Brothers heavy profile 24” barrel has bright, sharp rifling with an M.E. reading of about ZERO, and is free-floated the first 21”, in the camouflaged synthetic McMillan stock. This rifle looks to have been shot infrequently, if at all, outside of factory testing and was well taken care of in the interim. The McMillan G30 action takes .300 Winchester Magnum, with a spiral fluted bolt, which glides with fluidity. McMillan and the Griswold Brothers are two very well known and revered precision companies with a solid background in custom builds; this setup was done professionally and should make for an extremely accurate piece, with the addition of your favorite optic and mounting system. This rifle should ring true for long distance shooting and would be just as well suited for hunting larger game. From Wikipedia “Compared with the 30-06 Springfield the .300 Winchester Magnum provides a nearly 300 ft/s (91 m/s) increase in velocity. This translates to about 20% greater energy advantage over the 30-06 Springfield cartridge. Due to the short neck, heavier bullets particularly those weighing greater than 200 grains (13 g) and mono-metal bullets such as the Barnes X bullets will need to be seated more deeply into the cartridge. As the bullet will take up volume which could have been taken by the propellant velocity advantages diminish as the weight of the bullet increases. The .300 Winchester Magnum is known for its accuracy and has been used for 1,000-yard (910 m) and 1,000-metre (1,100 yd) competitions. While in hunting situations such accuracy is unnecessary, such accuracy does aid in the extending the range of the cartridge. Taken together with its performance it remains one of the most useful and popular cartridges today.” The cartridge was championed by the legendary American Sniper, Chris Kyle, who claimed it to be one of the best rounds ever made. Please see our pictures and good luck.

Custom McMillan & Griswold Brothers Model G30 G-30, Heavy 24” -- Bolt Action Precision Rifle With Hinged Floorplate
Custom McMillan & Griswold Brothers Model G30 G-30, Heavy 24” — Bolt Action Precision Rifle With Hinged Floorplate