Mint Deluxe Winchester Model 1873 in .44-40 WCF

Make: Winchester
Model: Deluxe 1873
Serial Number: 2142XX
Year of Manufacture: 1886
Caliber: .44-40 (.44 WCF)
Markings: The top of the barrel is marked “Winchester Repeating Arms Co. New Haven CT. / King’s – improvement – Patented – March 29. 1866. October 16 1860”. The lower tang is marked “218288″. The underside of the brass carrier is marked “44 Cal”. The left side of the lower tang is marked “1110 XX”, under the stock. The inside of the butt plate is unmarked. The inside upper tang channel of the wood is marked “1110”.
Barrel Length: 28”
Sights / Optics: The gun is mounted with a “W. P. Shear” marked front sight and a dovetail set, leaf and elevator rear sight and a tang mounted, unmarked peep sight.
Stock Configuration & Condition: The stocks are XX grade checkered wood, with pistol grip. The wood is marked 1110 and appears original to the gun with possible original finish. The wood shows natural age and hand cut checkering. The checkering is only very slightly worn at areas of high contact, and shows wear and age very difficult to recreate. The wood is exceptional in both condition and figure. There are only a few slight and very light depression marks throughout, and just a few marks, but no splits or losses. The wood to metal fit is about perfect, and even proud at the frame, though just a hair shallow at the plate. The LOP measures about 12 1/2”. The stocks rate in about Excellent overall condition.
Type of Finish: Blue & Color Case Hardened. Fire blued loading gate.
Finish Originality: This gun came from a consignor and collector of these fine old Winchesters. Our consignor purchased many of his Winchesters from Mr. Hallstein, with notes on each rifle. His notes mention that Roger from Roger’s Winchesters restored this rifle, though he believed at the time that the work done was not extensive and the base rifle was exceptional to start with. Here is what we see: the markings are all crisp, especially on the barrel. The only markings that are somewhat light are at the serial number. The barrel address, patent dates and serial number are complete and clear, with no obvious evidence of refinish. The internals are as sharp as the external. We have photographed the inside of the butt plate and tangs and you can see the bright case colors inside and super sharp (raised) internal lettering / numbering. The frame sides show appropriately muted colors, this one looks like all Winchester finish. The screw holes are not “dished”, the flats are as true as glass. I see nothing obviously indicating a refinish. That said, please examine the pictures and ask whatever question we may be able to help with. High Resolution pictures are available on request, and the notes our consignor kept with this gun mention the restoration, though the notes were not clear and the consignor has had difficulty (due to a recent stroke) recalling the details on his rifles.
Bore Condition: The bore is mostly bright and the rifling is sharp and deep. There are one or two pricks of erosion in the grooves, about 6” from the muzzle.
Overall Condition: This gun retains about 95% of its metal finish. The balance of the finish shows slight edge wear along the very sharp barrel edges. The lower left flat of the barrel, about 12” back from the muzzle shows some very light nicks. There is one speck of finish imperfection to the left of the rear sight. The magazine hanger shows thinning at the front and back edges. The case coloring is beautiful (definitely not Turnbull), with the appropriate amount of fading, much more faded on the exterior than interior, as it should be. A fine and very scattered layer of surface mottling has formed on the flats and at the rear frame screws. The lever shows some of this same natural aging. The magazine cap slot shows two marks of wear, this is the most worn part on the whole gun. The screw heads are sharp, with very slight wear. The markings are very clear and prominent. Overall, this gun rates in about Excellent condition – another of the best Winchesters we’ve ever sold.
Mechanics: The action functions correctly and is very tight. We did not fire this gun. This gun features a 28” barrel, set trigger, deluxe wood and a pistol grip, all factory provided.
Box, Paperwork & Accessories: This gun comes with a 1992 dated Winchester Letter, confirming a 28” Octagonal Barrel Rifle, shipped with set trigger, Checkered Stock, Pistol Grip and receipt in warehouse on 8/11/1886 and shipment from warehouse on 8/19/1886.
Our Assessment: This is an incredible rifle; both in rarity and retained finish. Deluxe 1873’s are rare to begin with, and may be the single most appreciated and collected Winchester made. With set trigger, special order barrel and confirmation of all this with the factory letter, restored or not, this is an incredible rifle. The condition as the rifle exists is incredible and can only be explained by a restoration from the best there is. Our consignor has had this rifle for almost 20 years, and he obtained it from an Mr. Hallstein – in the condition it is currently in. This is one of the best Winchesters we have ever sold –perhaps the best available for sale on the internet right now – and one of the best guns ever produced by the Winchester. It is important to note that there is a clear difference between a refinished gun and a restored gun by one of today’s masters – Roger is a master.

Sold For: $18,775