Lock Stock and Barrel Investments Has Moved!

Taking Stock # 6: The Move

My desk is clean.

That alone could be news, for anyone who knows me.  Clear and uncluttered, it is a far cry from where it was, just last week.  I am writing this without interference or interruption.  Why am I mentioning this?

When I left work last week, I left a productive, but impossibly cluttered little shop that was the birthplace of Lock, Stock, & Barrel.  Honestly, business was good (Thank you, all!)  but the truth is, moving around in the old address was a bit like trying to get from one end of a submarine to the other, amidst sweating, grunting sailors!  (Except Jodie.) Well, when I came in first thing THIS week, I came in to the bright, well-lit, orderly environment that is the new home of LS&B.

Wow!  The transformation is astounding!   Although distance-wise, the move was only across the parking lot, I can’t describe what a difference the new offices make.  The landlord obviously values LS&B as a tenant; the new offices are treated to coats of fresh paint, new carpeting, a handsome, hardwood floor, a waiting room, display cases, artwork – ARTWORK! on the walls!

Everything; desks, bookshelves, computers, cameras, FIFTEEN huge gun safes which hold our inventory, all had been moved in one, weekend-long effort.  Spence, Lew, Kyle, Chad, Bob, Greg, Jimmy, Steve, and Julie had obviously labored like Trojans, from sunup until sundown, for the entire weekend.

Where the former offices of LS&B were a convenience born of necessity,

the new, relatively luxuriant digs speak of a level of relative prosperity, and an even higher level of personal service and satisfaction for our customers.   We are mindful that a new improved environment comes courtesy of our customers, and we intend to use this as an opportunity to do even more of what we do, and do it even better.  That is, supply quality firearms and accessories, to you, the customer, with descriptions and high resolution photographs that are as accurate as it is possible to be, and get them to you, well-packaged, and safely shipped, just as quickly as possible.

That is our goal.  Judging from our positive feedback that you will find on Gunbroker and Auction Arms, we are achieving that goal.  That’s why my desk is so clean; there’s actually enough room to move!  It is our intention that the move will make a positive impact on our direction and future growth, and we look forward to continuing to provide even more, and better service, to you, our customers!

Now, all we need is a hot tub….

By Mark Romano