U.S. Fire-Arms Mfg. Co. .45 Colt SAA, Blue & Case Colored 4 ¾ In. Single Action Army Revolver & Box, MFD 2009-2011

SOLD FOR: $1,785.50

LSB#: 151116DT02

Make: United States Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company, Hartford, Conn.

Model: Single Action Army

Serial Number: 25374

Year of Manufacture: The company was in operation from 1995-2011, but the Blue Book of Gun Values indicates this model was not made until 2009.

Caliber: .45 Colt

Action Type: Single Action Revolver with Side Loading Gate Cylinder

Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked “45 COLT”. The top of the barrel is marked “U.S.F.A. MFG. Co. / HARTFORD CT. U.S.A.”. The left side of the frame is marked “PAT. SEPT. 19, 1871 / “ JULY 2,72 / “ JAN. 19,75”. The underside of the frame and the trigger guard are marked “25374” and the bottom of the backstrap is marked “25 / 374”. The rear face of the cylinder is marked “O” and “374”. The front face of the loading gate is marked with the assembly number “83”. The back of the frame under the hammer is marked “L2 / 3”.

Barrel Length: 4 ¾”

Sights / Optics: The front sight is a quarter round blade fixed to the barrel. The rear sight is a square groove milled in the top of the frame.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are black checkered plastic with a “US” logo in an oval at the tops. The grips show no handing marks and fit the grip frame well. The checkering is sharp and without mars. The grips rate in about MINT overall condition.

Type of Finish: The barrel, cylinder, grip frame, trigger and the top and underside of the hammer are blued. The frame is case colored.

Finish Originality: All Original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion.

Overall Condition: This revolver retains about 99+% of its metal finish. There are no marks in the pistol except for a few tiny marks in the grooves leading to the bolt stop cuts in the cylinder. The cylinder shows an extremely light drag line that doesn’t break the finish. It is so light that you need a magnifying glass to see it. The knurling on the hammer and the screw heads are sharp. The markings are clear. Overall, this gun rates in about Excellent condition.

Mechanics: The cylinder lockup is SOLID. The action functions correctly. We have not fired this revolver.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: This revolver comes in its original factory box with an extra set of grips and a purple pistol sock. The box is cardboard with a black finish and the bottom of the box is lined with foam while the inside surface of the lid has a “US” logo. One end panel has a label that is correctly marked with the make, model, caliber and serial number of this revolver. There is surface loss at the corners of the lid, and one corner has a slight tear in the outer covering. The box is in about Fine condition. The grips are Corion and show a few very light marks on the right grip. The grips are in Excellent condition. The pistol sock made of cotton and marked with a “US” logo. It has a black nylon draw string to tie the sock securely around the pistol. The sock is in about Excellent condition.

Our Assessment: > The United States Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company bought the old Colt “Blue Dome” East Armory in Hartford, Conn. and started manufacturing guns that were clones of Colt Single Action Army revolvers in 1995. They later expanded production to include clones of Colt’s M1911 pistols and Lightning rifles. USFA guns were used in several movies, including “3:10 To Yuma” and “Shanghai Noon”. The Colt Single Action Army handgun is a single action revolver with a revolving cylinder holding six rounds. It was designed for the US government service revolver trials of 1873 by Colt’s Manufacturing Company and adopted as the standard military service revolver until 1892. Although the SAA has been offered in over 30 different calibers and various barrel lengths, its overall appearance has remained consistent since 1873. Colt has discontinued its production twice, but brought it back due to excessive demand. This revolver is a clone of the Colt SAA Smokeless Powder model in .45 Colt with a case colored frame and the rest of the gun in blue. The cylinder pin has a push-pin release vs. the screw release used on the blackpowder framed revolvers. It is in Excellent condition with about 99+% of its original finish remaining. The finish shows only a few tiny marks in the grooves leading to the bolt stop cuts in the cylinder and a drag line so light you need a magnifying glass to see it. The grips are checkered plastic with “US” logos at the tops. The grips show no marks and their checkering is sharp. The bore is bright with sharp rifling. The revolver comes with its original factory box, an extra set of Corion grips and a purple cotton pistol sock. Please see our pictures! This revolver has a very nice finish compared to a lot of the Italian imports. This revolver would be great for Cowboy Action Shooting, especially for someone who wants to shoot a revolver in a traditional caliber. It can even be used for home protection. With its tight action and nice bore, this revolver is sure to give someone decades of shooting enjoyment.

U.S. Fire-Arms Mfg. Co. .45 Colt SAA, Blue & Case Colored 4 ¾ In. Single Action Army Revolver & Box, MFD 2009-2011
U.S. Fire-Arms Mfg. Co. .45 Colt SAA, Blue & Case Colored 4 ¾ In. Single Action Army Revolver & Box, MFD 2009-2011