SHARP Colt Custom Shop 3rd Generation SAA, Nickel 3 ½” Single Action Army Revolver & Box, MFD 1999

SOLD FOR:$ 2,300

Make: Steyr, Austria

Model: Mannlicher Schoenauer Improved Model 1952 Carbine (see pages 1158 to 1160 of the Blue Book of Gun Values 30th Edition)

Serial Number: 21344

Year of Manufacture: 1957

Caliber: .30-06 Springfield

Action Type: Bolt Action with Internal 5-Round Rotary Magazine

Markings: There is no visible import mark. The top of the chamber ring is marked “MADE IN AUSTRIA / ORIGINAL / MANNLICHER / SCHOENAUER / Mod. 1952 / KAL. 30-06”. The right side of the receiver and barrel shank are both marked with the serial number. The left side of the receiver is marked with an “eagle” proof and “57” date stamp. The left side of the barrel shank is marked with an “eagle” proof, “NPV” and “57”. The left side of the receiver should be marked “STEYR-DAIMLER-PUCH A.G., STEYR” and with a Steyr logo, but only the first “STE” and the left edge of the Steyr logo are visible due to the side mounted scope base covering the markings. The bottom of the magazine plate is marked with the Steyr logo and with a custom engraving scene that depicts a “Leopard in a tree”. The bottom of the bolt handle is marked with the last 4 digits of the serial number. The left side of the safety lever is marked “S”. The right rear of the receiver is marked with a “red dot” next to the secondary safety.
The top of the side mounted scope base is marked “GRIFFIN & HOWE INC. NEW YORK / PAT. #1,856,549 MAY 3, 1932”. The scope is marked “LEUPOLD” on the left and “1X4 VARI-X II” twice around the front of the scope tube. The rear of the scope tube is marked “MADE IN U.S.A.” and with patent information.

Barrel Length: Approximately 20 inches

Sights / Optics: The front sight is a beaded brass blade atop a finely checkered ramped base and under a hood. The two leaf rear sight is dovetailed into a base on the barrel. The sight has a fixed leaf that is unmarked and a folding leaf that is marked “300” on the front face. Both are flat topped with “U” notches and the rear faces are checkered to reduce glare.
The side mounted scope base is secured to the receiver under the wood. The top of the base has a reverse dovetail that accepts the dovetail under the top portion of the scope base assembly. The upper assembly secures to the lower with two small screws and two levers on the left side. The two scope rings that are atop the mount are secured to the top portion of the mount by one screw each that is located inside the dovetail slot. The top halves of the scope rings each use two screws to secure the tops halves in place. The rings show a few small scrapes and a small scratch. The mount shows scratches and discoloration from oxidation. The rear scope ring screw (inside the dovetail slot) has a different head size than the front screw; a replacement. The scope base assembly is in about Very Good condition. The rings are in about Very Good to Fine condition.
The variable power scope uses a duplex reticle. The glass appears clear and the target knobs turn. The power ring functions and is marked from “1-4”. The scope tube and the target knob covers show small scrapes and small scratches. The scope is in about Very Good to Fine condition.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The hardwood Mannlicher stock has a pistol grip, fluted comb and raised cheek piece. The pistol grip has a black plastic cap and the butt has a black plastic serrated buttplate. The forend has a metal nosecap and there are sling mounts installed under the butt on the forend. The grip and forend both have decorative checkering on them. There are several small scrapes in one area under the forearm that appear to be from the use of a sling. The wood ahead of the bottom metal shows some flaking of the gloss finish. Some areas of the finish have been dulled by scuffs. The buttplate shows a scratch. The wood shows various other small handling marks. The LOP measures 13 inches from the face of the rear trigger and 14 inches from the face of the front trigger to the back of the buttplate. The stock rates in about Very Good to Fine overall condition.

Type of Finish: Blue

Finish Originality: Original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is deep. There is no visible erosion. The bore shows an M. E. of -0.5 (negative 0.5).

Overall Condition: This rifle retains about 97% of its metal finish. The top of the barrel shows light scrapes and an area of light thinning. The trigger guard shows a couple small scrapes. The metal shows a few other light marks. The screw heads are intact. The markings are deep. Overall, this rifle rates in about Fine condition.

Mechanics: The front trigger is set at approximately 1.5 pounds. The secondary safety functions properly. The bolt mounted safety cannot be used as the scope is in the way of the safety lever. The action functions correctly. We have not fired this rifle. As with all previously owned firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance standards.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: The rifle comes with a Griffin & Howe scope base assembly, rings and a Leupold scope; see above.

Our Assessment: This Mannlicher Schoenauer Improved Model 1952 Carbine was made by Steyr and is in great shape. The custom engraving on the floor plate, markings on the metal, deep blue finish and hand checkered full length Mannlicher stock look great together. It is really well made rifle and it’s hard to believe it was made back in the 1950’s. The internal rotary magazine, double set triggers, butter knife bolt handle, dual safeties and Griffin & Howe scope mount assembly with scope all make this a rifle worthy of collecting (and shooting). The rifle still has a strong bright bore, comes with a nice Leupold scope and has a front trigger set at 1.5 pounds. This Mannlicher Schoenauer is chambered in .30-06 Springfield so it is suitable for pretty much nay North American game.
For an informative article on the Mannlicher Schoenauer Model 1952 see

SHARP Colt Custom Shop 3rd Generation SAA, Nickel 3 ½” Single Action Army Revolver & Box, MFD 1999
SHARP Colt Custom Shop 3rd Generation SAA, Nickel 3 ½” Single Action Army Revolver & Box, MFD 1999