WWII Remington 1903-A4 Sniper 03A3 .30-06 Sprg Scope Bolt Rifle 1943 C&R

SOLD FOR: $5400

LSB#: 230529MB007

Make: Remington

Model: 1903A3 (03-A3)

Serial Number: 3421213

The rifle falls within the correct serial number range (3,407,088 to 3,427,087) for the 1st block of model 1903-A4 Sniper Rifles (page 72 of Joe Poyer’s book, The M1903 Springfield Rifle and its Variations, 3rd Edition).

Year of Manufacture: 1943 (page 374 of Joe Poyer’s book, The M1903 Springfield Rifle and its Variations, 3rd Edition).

Barrel Date: September, 1943

Caliber: .30-06 Springfield

Action Type: Bolt Action Rifle fed by Internal Magazine

Barrel Length: Approximately 24 Inches

Sights / Optics: The front and rear sights have been removed to facilitate the use of a scope.

A one-piece Redfield scope base is attached to the top of the receiver by screws and by the rear sight base. It shows light surface erosion along the top. The one-piece mount has two scope rings attached. The rings hold a Model 330 2.5x fixed-power scope with crosshairs reticle. The scope glass is clear. The scope tube shows slight surface erosion.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The Type 9B stock is a “C” stock used for 03A4 rifles that fall within the serial number range from 3,407,088 to 3,427,087 (page 117). The bolt handle cut out is swept back to match the angle of the 1903A4 bolt handle. The Type 9B was made without finger grooves.

The two-piece oil-stained hardwood features a nose cap with a bayonet lug (no bayonet included) and a stacking loop, a barrel band, two (2) sling loops, two (2) through bolts, a pistol grip, and a metal buttplate with a hinged door to a cylindrical storage compartment in the buttstock holding a tubular case for cleaning supplies. We have not opened the tubular case. The wood shows a few light nicks, scratches and minor handling marks. The LOP measures 13” from the front of the trigger to the back of the buttplate. The stocks are in Fine Plus overall condition as refinished.

Type of Finish: Parkerized

Finish Originality: Arsenal Rebuild (Raritan marking)

Bore Condition: The bore is light gray and the rifling is deep. There is persistent fouling and erosion in the bore. In this writer’s opinion and for the age, this bore rates a 7 or 8 out of 10. The bore shows an M.E. of -0.5.

Many military and C&R-eligible weapons have bores that will show erosion. This is not only due to age but to the fact that corrosive primers were commonly used in ammunition worldwide. For example, the U.S. used corrosive ammunition throughout WWII. The U.S. military did not begin to phase out corrosive-primed ammunition until the 1950s.

Overall Condition: This rifle retains about 97% of its metal refinish. The balance of the finish shows some light nicks and scuffing scattered throughout. The screw heads are well-defined. The markings are clear. Overall, this rifle is in Fine Plus condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We did not fire this firearm. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance requirements.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: This rifle comes with the Model 330 scope as described above and a brown leather sling installed via the sling loops.

Our Assessment: When the United States Military entered World War II in 1941, there was not a single sniper rifle in military inventory. All the sniper rifles developed for use during World War I had long since been disposed of.

On the Eastern Front, and Soviet troops had deployed thousands of sniper rifles to great effect. The British and Canadians had resurrected World War I-vintage sniper rifles and were using them to good effect in Africa.

U.S. forces were in need of a new sniper rifle. The U.S. Army’s Ordnance Department decided that a sniper rifle could be made quickly based on the Model 1903A3 rifle that was just beginning to come off the production lines at Remington. By the end of 1943, the new Model 1903A4 sniper rifle began to reach front-line troops. The new sniper rifle was essentially a modified Model 1903A3 infantry rifle. 1903-A4 receivers are marked “MODEL 03-A3” so that any rifle rejected as a 1903A4 Sniper could be used as a service rifle.

WWII Remington Sniper rifles are highly valued by collectors due to their relatively low production numbers and their contribution to the war effort.

This Remington Model 1903-A4 Sniper Rifle has great Remington markings on the receiver, barrel, bolt, and other small parts. Its receiver markings are offset to read them with a scope base installed. The rifle is in 1903-A4 sniper configuration and has the correct serial number to fall within the 1903-A4 serial number ranges. It looks great and is topped with a Weaver Model M330 scope. The rifle and scope should keep you smiling out at the range. This is a rare opportunity to add a 1903A4 Sniper to add to your collection. Do NOT let it get away. Good luck in your bidding!

-J. Ren

WWII Remington 1903-A4 Sniper 03A3 .30-06 Sprg Scope Bolt Rifle 1943 C&R
WWII Remington 1903-A4 Sniper 03A3 .30-06 Sprg Scope Bolt Rifle 1943 C&R