Custom Zev / Glockworx Glock Model G35 / KKM Precision, Milled Slide, DLC Coated 5-1/4” Semi Automatic Pistol Leupold Delta Point & 4 Mags

SOLD FOR: $1,604.00

Make: Glock

Model: G35 Frame, custom ZEV / Glockworx slide & internals.

Serial Number: RXD163

Year of Manufacture: G35 was introduced in 1998, the stock barrel has been replaced with a KKM barrel, so there is no date code signifying the date of manufacture.

Caliber: 9x19mm 9mm Parabellum

Action Type: Semi-Automatic, Striker Fired, Safe Action, Magazine Fed Pistol

Markings: The left side of the slide is marked “ZEV//”. The bottom of the frame is marked “RXD163”. The left side of the frame is marked with Glock’s logo and “GLOCK”, the top of the frame is marked “2528370896”, the left side is marked “MADE IN AUSTRIA / GLOCK, INC., SMYRNA, GA.” The top of the barrel is marked “9×19”. The right side of the barrel is marked “KKM PRECISION”. The left side of the beveled magazine well is marked “ZEV//” The red dot sight is marked with Leupold’s logo, and “DELTAPOINT”. The right side of the sight is marked “450130W LEUPOLD”. The top of the sight cover is marked with Leupold’s logo. The top of the provided hard case is marked with Rock Island’s log and “ROCK ISLAND ARMORY”.

Barrel Length: The ported barrel measures 5-1/4” from the muzzle to the bolt face.

Sights / Optics: There are no iron sights present. The slide has been custom milled to accept a Leupold Delta Point with what appears to be a 3.5 MOA dot size. The slide has also been milled at the rear portion for adjustment to the windage and elevation locks.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The G35 grip frame has been sanded down and covered with competition grip tape. The tape has been carefully cut to expose the Glock logo and right portion of the magazine release mechanism. A small piece of this tape is on the left side of the frame for grip familiarity. The grip frame has a ZEV beveled magazine well for streamlined magazine changes. The grip tape has worn through in sparse areas, namely on the left side on the thumb groove and on the forward left finger placement section. The grips rate in about Fine overall condition as modified.

Type of Finish: The slide is black DLC coated, which is a carbon matte finish. The grip frame is black polymer.

Finish Originality: All original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion in the bore.

Overall Condition: This handgun retains about 92% of its metal finish. The top of the slide has been milled to accept a sweeping charging handle that is dovetailed into the slide and secured with a set hex screw. There is wear around this modification, extending slightly onto the right and left sides of the frame. The frame, at the trigger guard has been ground down to create a pointer-finger groove, giving a slightly higher grip on the frame. The stainless steel barrel shows scuffs and scratches from use. The screw heads are sharp with very light tooling. The markings are crisp. Overall, this handgun rates in about Fine condition as modified.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. The trigger is an adjustable ZEV fulcrum trigger set that is currently set to about 3lbs, 10oz. The extended, checkered magazine release button is on the left side of the frame for right handed shooters. This G35 frame is wearing a ZEV Featherweight slide with the traditional G35 top slide cutout, but has additional cutouts on the flanks, which reduces overall weight and cools the barrel. Installed, is a ZEV Technologies extended guide rod. The barrel has three ports on the top to aid in felt recoil reduction and measures 0.569” at the muzzle. Since this pistol is mounted with a Leupold Deltapoint, a large cocking handle is present for speed and grip familiarity. This pistol can be mounted with a laser or flashlight, on the frame’s integral Weaver-pattern rail. We did not fire this handgun.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: Included in this auction is a set of color coated springs. The red and blue springs are reported to be 14 and 12 pounds, respectively. There are 3 red, 2 blue and two green springs present. In addition, a captured stainless steel guide rod is provided. Four 22 round magazines are provided. They are standard Glock 16 round magazines with Arredondo extensions. the original factory base plates and springs are included. This pistol comes with a Rock Island Armory hard case and Glock Safe Action Pistol instruction manual.

Our Assessment: This ZEV / Glockworx custom G35 is a looker and a shooter in every regard. Both eyes can remain open during shooting, thanks to the custom installed Leupold Deltapoint. Follow up shots are greatly enhanced by the adjustable trigger, ported barrel and finely balanced slide. A large cocking handle is milled into the slide, assisting in swift reloads. The frame has a beveled magazine well that eliminates the ‘slop’ of a reload under pressure. This pistol can be outfitted with different recoil springs, to balance heavier loads or accommodate light target rounds. The pistol just feels right, with the added pointer-finger notch in the trigger guard. The frame has been sanded down by ZEV, removing the finger grooves on the front strap, retaining the depressed thumb grooves on each side of the frame. The frame is now outfitted with competition grip tape. Please check out our detailed photographs, this pistol looks to be barely used and ready to smack some steel plates!

Custom Zev / Glockworx Glock Model G35 / KKM Precision, Milled Slide, DLC Coated 5-1/4” Semi Automatic Pistol Leupold Delta Point & 4 Mags
Custom Zev / Glockworx Glock Model G35 / KKM Precision, Milled Slide, DLC Coated 5-1/4” Semi Automatic Pistol Leupold Delta Point & 4 Mags