Lt. John C. Pierce’s Painted A-2 Flight Jacket – “Johnnie Come Lately”

Very historical grouping named to Lt. John C. Pierce-Pierce. Pierce was qualified to pilot B-17, B-24 & B-25 Bomber Aircraft!-Pierce was a Jazz Musician and radio personality before becoming a pilot-

Included is Pierce’s original leather A-2 jacket with nose art “Johnie Come Lately” depicting a young looking child riding a bomb while playing a trumpet-The back of the jacket also has orange bombs painted for each mission he piloted with his 2nd mission bomb having “D-Day” painted in the middle of the bomb-There are 32 “mission” bombs-

There is a sterling clutch back pilot wing on the left breast just above where you can see the stitching where Pierce’s leather name tag was-There is an original leather name tag included with the grouping but has not been stitched-The leather shell is still soft and has a contract tag by Aero Leather and is a size 40-The waist/cuff bands appear to have been replaced and possibly period-Pierce’s original air Medal with citation and oak leaves with citations-There is also a hand written letter Pierce sent home to his family when he sent the award to them-His original silk “Flyers” scarf is included along with Pierce’s officer’s “crusher” visor cap with semi soft leather visor-Period leather pilot’s gloves, a sweetheart bracelet with pilot’s wings, and a piece of shrapnel are included-

There are several period black & white photographs with one 5 x 7 original photo showing a group shot of the crew with the nose in the background-There is a photo of a B-24/B-25 in action dropping bombs also showing the nose art-There is another period photo showing the “artist” standing on a ladder painting the nose art on the fuselage!-There is an officer’s shirt with Pierce’s Air Guard name tag and Capt. bars and small 2″ sterling pilot wing with a pair of “Pinks” pants-There are several period original “201” file documents from pilot school diploma’s to discharge paper work! Just an amazing and historical grouping!

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