Ruger Single-Nine 08150 22 WMRF Stainless Single Action Revolver, MFD 2012

Sold for $2026.00

LSB#: 220602SB004

Make: Sturm, Ruger & Co.

Model: Single-Ten (Model #08150, Catalog No. KNR-6-9M)

Serial Number: 815-02407

Year of Manufacture: 2012 (Ruger Serial Number Lookup)

Caliber: .22 WMRF (Winchester Magnum Rimfire)

Action Type: Side-Gate Loading Single Action Revolver

Markings: The underside of the barrel has a warning over “RUGER, NEWPORT, NH USA”. The left side of the frame under the cylinder is marked “RUGER® .22 MAG. / MODEL SINGLE-NINE”. The right side of the frame under the cylinder is marked with the serial number “815-02407”. The front face of the cylinder is hand-scribed, “4 0 7”. Both grip panels have inset Ruger trademark medallions inset at the top.

Barrel Length: 6 1/2”

Sights/Optics: The sights are Williams USA green fiber optic set. The front sight is a blade with a green fiber optic dot integral to a base screwed to the barrel. The rear sight is an adjustable serrated square-notch with two fiber optic dots pinned to a channel in the top strap.

Stock Configuration and Condition: The grips are two-piece smooth wood panels. The left panel has a few more notable nicks in the wood. There are no chips or cracks. Overall, the grips are in Fine-plus condition.

Type of Finish: Stainless Steel

Finish Originality: Original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright, and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion.

Overall Condition: The outer edge of the muzzle has a few minor nicks, the front face of the barrel has a few light nicks. On either side of the barrel there are a few light nicks in addition to a few more notable drag lines that disrupt the metal. Lower parts of the guard have a few more notable nicks/dings in the metal. The cylinder has a few very minronicks on the forward and rear edges. Screws are sharp with strong slots, pins are unmarred, and all markings are clear. Overall, this 97% revolver is in Fine-plus condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. The cylinder locks up with minor play on each chamber. We did not fire this revolver. As with all used firearms, thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance standards.

Box, Paperwork, and Accessories: This Single-Nine includes a test-fire casing in a sealed envelope, a lock, a manual, and a chamber flag all in a serial-matching gray factory snap case.

Our Assessment: From an article looking back at the Single-Six: “Only a relative handful of rank, old cowboy types still clung to the thumb-buster, and most of them couldn’t scrape together enough cash to buy a new gun. Besides, the tooling to build single-action revolvers was worn out and obsolete. It made absolutely no business sense whatsoever to continue to make single-action revolvers.” In most Ruger stories, this is right about when Bill Ruger says, “Hold my Leinenkugel,” and proceeds to make the thing that no one wanted or needed and turns it into the thing that everyone wants. The Single-Six would not see a new iteration until 2011 when Ruger introduced the stainless steel Single-Ten and the Single-Nine, which is the fine revolver on offer here. The revolver has a 9-round capacity, which surely will please target shooters looking to prolong the magic a bit. Chambered as it is for .22 Mag, the winner will have a mighty and powerful small cartridge revolver for their collection. The stainless steel is rather eye-catching, and the Hardwood Gunfighter grips contrast nicely. This example is in great shape with a clean bore and only minor wear. Good luck and happy bidding!