Sig Sauer Model P320 XFive Legion 9mm 5″ Semi-Automatic Pistol 2019 w/ Case

Sold for $2560.00

The P320 XFive Legion is one of the most formidable semi-auto pistols on the market today. Sig Sauer has developed a reputation for making rugged and durable handguns, and this one fits that description. The gun has been described as very accurate and light recoiling by shooters who have had the chance to hit the range with them. The model is very versatile because the internal frame can be put into different grip modules of different sizes for different uses. A few years ago the the use of optics was not as popular and you would need to send your slide out for a milling job. These days this is no longer the case and aftermarket optics are a mainstay on semi-auto pistols, and this model comes ready to mount a Romeo red dot sight. This handgun looks like it only visited the range a few times and rates in Excellent condition. The P320 XFive will be great for just about anything you can ask of a semi-auto pistol.