Centerfire Gunworks Stiller Precision SPF Predator .300 RUM 27″ Bolt Rifle Calvin Elite Sig Whiskey 5 5-25×52 MacMillan Stock

Sold for $3819.90

This is a custom tactical rifle built by Centerfire Gunworks on a Stiller Predator Long action. The Stiller action is a premium drop in replacement for popular Remington 700 and 40X series actions and fits the same stocks, triggers and has the same nominal headspacing though is by far leagues above the 700. All the action bodies use CNC machined 416R stainless steel hardened to 41 Rockwell C resulting in the ultimate in durability and precision. This one has been very nicely done by CFG and has a 27″ Fluted barrel chambered for .300 RUM, a MacMillan stock, Atlas bipod, Calvin Elite and a Sig Sauer Whiskey scope. It hasnt made it out of the case often and already comes with ammo, all you need to do is hit bid.