Consecutive Pair Colt Single Action Army SAA .38 Special Revolvers, 2003

Sold For $5012.77

In 1974, Colt quietly discontinued production of the single Action Army; this would be the second time they discontinued production of this glorious revolver. Luckily, the loyal fans of the SAA would not need to wait long as colt would bring back the SAA in 1976 as the “3rd Generation”. Changes were made but the basic SAA was the same, i.e. three standard barrel lengths of 4 ¾”, 5 ½” and 7 ½”, finishes of full nickel or blue, with color case hardened frame, and grips of hard rubber.

Some changes were incorporated in an effort by Colt to keep prices down. One new change was a pressed-in cylinder pin bushing instead of the removable ones used in 1st and 2nd Generation cylinders. Also, the ratchet at the rear of the cylinders was re-shaped, which also necessitated a different shape on the rotating hand. And for some unknown reason, the pitch of the barrel’s threads was changed from the 20 threads per inch (TPI) as used on 1st and 2nd Generation SAAs to 24 TPI for these new ones. Toward the end of 2nd Generation production Colt had begun using some investment cast parts, but the frames continued to be forged. The introductory caliber for 3rd Generation SAAs was .45 Colt, but other chamberings would soon follow.

This is a consecutive pair of SAA revolvers made in 2003 chambered for .38 Special with 4 3/4? barrels and American Eagle stocks. The actions have had some work, with a very smooth hammer pull, light triggers and the guns retain great bores as well as strong mechanics. The revolvers are in Very Good-plus condition, showing signs of responsible use. This would be a nice set for the aspiring Cowboy Action shooter or an addition to a Colt collection.