Browning FN Superposed Broadway Trap 28″ 12 GA O/U Shotgun, MFD 1965 C&R

Sold for $2855.04

After the death of John Browning, his son Val would complete an over under shotgun with a single selective trigger and ejectors; the Superposed was introduced in 1931, it was an instant success. The factory did not produce any of these shotguns during WWII but just after the war ended, the factory came roaring back to life, creating some of their best product to date. This is a post-war FN produced 12 Gauge in 1967, in about Very Good-plus condition, showing tight metal and wood fit, retaining about 95% of its metal finish with great bores and strong mechanics. Val’s SST is still known as one of the most reliable and ingenious of its kind, even though the patent is nearing 100 years in practice. With 28? barrels choked Full over Improved Modified, this should be a good shooter for decades to come