Winchester Model 70 Classic Sporter .25-06 Rem. 24″ Bolt Rifle 2001

Sold for $1347.27

The Winchester Model 70 is an iconic American sporting rifle that has been a staple of hunters for more than 80 years. It has more than earned its nickname of “the riflemans rifle” and is one of the most iconic rifles around. This example is a Classic Sporter with a 24” barrel and a handsome checkered walnut stock. Efforts were made to set things back to rights when it came to the Model 70 and the classic series saw the return of the lauded control-feed bolt. Well out of the company’s fallow period, this example was produced in 2001. Chambered as it is in the .25-06 Remington, this will make a great target shooting or varminting. By appearances, this rifle appears to have spent more time in the box than out, as there are only a few marks on the stock. The rifle rates in Excellent condition and looks great, this will make for a powerful addition to a Winchester or hunting rifle collection