Smith & Wesson 629-6 Trail Boss 150th Anniversary 163411 .44 Mag 3″

Sold for $1628.29

Popularized by Dirty Harry movies, the N-frame long barrel S&W revolvers had already been on the shelf in America for a few decades; after the movie, the Model 29 was revered by target shooters and law enforcement alike. The 629 is the stainless steel version and has been made in a variety of configurations since 1979 filling just about any role that could be asked of a .44 Magnum revolver.  This example is the 629-6 Trail Boss, it was a 2003 exclusive for RSR and shipped with a 3” Magna Ported barrel, S&W Hogue Monogrip, and a stainless finish. As the name suggests, this would be a great carry gun when hiking where you may encounter predators. The .44 Magnum is a stout round and will be good protection against just about anything you’ll encounter in North America. The gun is in Fine Plus condition with a few scattered light marks, a great bore, and strong mechanics. If you’re a Smith collector or just want a powerful revolver for your outdoor adventures, this is a great gun to pick up.