WWII Quality Hardware M1 Carbine M-1 U.S. .30 Semi Automatic Rifle C&R

Sold For $2,026.51

The M1 Carbine was developed and produced after WWII started. Over 6 million were made by a number of U.S. companies to assist with the all out war effort. The M1 Carbine was widely issued to U.S. Military Forces which numbered over 16 million during WWII. The M1 Carbine contributed greatly to U.S. efforts during WWII.
During WWII Quality Hardware & Machine Company (Quality H.M.C.) was one of the many companies that tooled up to produce M1 Carbines to support the war effort. Quality Hardware produced about 5.9% of the total number of wartime M1 Carbines. Due to its lower production numbers Quality M1 Carbines are desired by many collectors.

This Quality Hardware M1 Carbine was made back in 1943. After WWII it was Arsenal Rebuilt but still uses Quality Hardware marked parts. Buffalo Arms barrels were used as original equipment. Quality Hardware did not produce barrels. Buffalo Arms and other manufacturers supplied Quality Hardware with barrels to assemble M1 Carbines with at the Quality Hardware factory. This M1 Carbine looks impressive and its markings make it quite collectible.