COLT Diamondback D5540 .38 Spl 4″ DA/SA Double Action Revolver, MFD 1976

Sold for $1625.95

The Diamondback is a shorter framed Python with a dash of the Detective Special, both in the cylinder and grip frame, sharing similar aesthetic qualities and is no less striking in appearance than its predecessor. This revolver retains about 96% of its finish with wear that is purely aesthetic. This will make for a great shooter or will do well to help fill out a collection of Serpent guns. Those familiar with the Python line understand the accuracy these revolvers are capable of, this one should prove to be no different. While most of Colt’s Serpent revolvers are collectible and all appear to be appreciating in value, this could still make for a nice carry revolver today, almost 50 years after it was made