Sam Elliot / Virgil Earp’s S&W Model No. 3 Russian First Model From The Movie ‘Tombstone’

Sam Elliot / Virgil Earp’s S&W Model No. 3 Russian First Model From The Movie Tombstone and also Used by Angelica Huston in Calamity Jane 
Make: Smith and Wesson
Model: Number 3 Russian, First Model
Caliber: .44 Centerfire
Markings: The top of the barrel is marked “Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass U.S.A. Pat’d Jan 17 & 24 65, July 11 65 / Aug 24 69 April 20 75 & Dec 18 77 Reissue July 25 1871”. The butt is marked with the serial number “15215”, as is the back of the cylinder.
Overall Condition: This gun retains about 80% of its metal finish. The balance of the finish shows flaking to the nickel and scattered erosion. There is evidence of tool marks and erosion under the reapplied finish, though the gun still retains a pleasing appearance. The Screw heads are all serviceable, though showing some wear. The markings are light but readable. Overall, this gun rates in about Good condition. Especially good considering its use.
Box & Accessories: This gun comes complete with the R.D. Gang Holster rig worn in the movie by Sam Elliot as Virgil Earp. Also included with the auction is a reasonable amount of paperwork, confirming use in the movie Tombstone. This paperwork includes a notarized latter from the owner of Caravan West Productions (the company contracted to supply the guns in Tombstone) and “Texas Jack” from the movie, Peter Sharayko. We also have a notarized copy of the inventory from the movie, listing this gun by serial number. This ensemble comes directly from Peter Sharayko, and is undoubtedly the gun used in the movies and is solidly documented as such and so guaranteed by us.
Our Assessment: Here is a truly special firearm, used by one of the most iconic Western actors of our Generation, in perhaps the greatest western made in recent decades. The documentation and association to the movie is bullet-proof, and the gun is surprisingly finer than would be expected for a true antique and a truly used movie gun. Peter Sharayko has also verified that he supplied the movie Calamity Jane with this gun, to be used by Angelic Huston. Here is a true piece of American firearms and Hollywood history.
Aols For: $8,500