Lindsay’s Young America Two Shot Superimposed 2 3/4 Inch Muzzle Loading Percussion Pocket Pistol, Antique

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Make: Union Knife Co. for J.P. Lindsay MAN’FG CO.
Model: Young America Pocket Pistol
Serial Number: 597
Year of Manufacture: 1860s
Caliber: .36 Caliber Ball
Action Type: Two Shot Single Barrel Superimposed Single Action
Markings: The right side of the barrel is marked “LINDSAY’S / YOUNG-AMERICA / MAN’F’D BY / J.P. LINDSAY-MAN’FG CO. / NEW-YORK”. The underside of the barrel is marked “PATEN’D. FEB. 9 1859 / PATEN’D OCT. 9, 1860” and “597”. The left side of the grip frame is marked “597”.
Barrel Length: 2 ¾” Fluted Octagonal Barrel
Sights / Optics: The front sight is a half round blade fixed to the barrel. The rear sight is a “V” groove milled into the top strap.
Stock Configuration & Condition: The two piece smooth walnut grips have been refinished and exhibit shallow marks from handling. The grips rate in about Very Good to Fine overall condition as Antique and Refinished.
Type of Finish: Nickel
Finish Originality: Refinished
Bore Condition: The smooth bore is rough and there is erosion in the bore.
Overall Condition: This handgun retains about 75% of its metal finish. Spots of flaking are visible with finish loss present along the edges of the barrel and at the muzzle. The frame was originally brass and has been plated with nickel along with the barrel. Marks on the face of the hammers are visible from contact with the nipples and the inside of the hammer and rear edge of the barrel assembly exhibit dense scorch marks. The right side of the frame sports a hunting dog engraving and the left side shows an image of a buck. The left side of the barrel is adorned with a lion, eagle and coat of arms. The grip screw and hammer screw are mildly distressed and the main screw is heavily distressed. The markings are shallow. Overall, this handgun rates in about Very Good condition as refinished and antique.
Mechanics: The action functions correctly. This pistol is designed to hold two powder charges and two balls in one barrel, on load stacked atop of the other. The right touch hole extends forward into the barrel to ignite the forward charge and the left touch hole enters the barrel at the rear, to ignite the rear charge. The single trigger releases the right hammer on the first pull and the left hammer on the 2nd pull, firing the forward charge, then the rear charge. The action is smooth and the springs are strong. We did not fire this handgun.
Box, Paperwork & Accessories: None
Our Assessment: This is one of those odd attempts at repeating percussion firearms. The Lindsay’s Young American single barrel superimposed two shot, double hammer, single trigger pocket pistol, is well designed and machined, but the concept is a bit dodgy. To accomplish two shots from one barrel, two charges and balls are loaded via muzzle, one atop of the other. Two hammers are present, controlled by a single trigger. The right touch hole enters the barrel where the powder charge between the two balls should be, igniting that charge firing the top (or forward) ball. The left touch hole enters the barrel at the rear and fires the back charge. In theory, the rear ball protects the rear charge from being ignited by spark of the right hammer. When both hammers are cocked, the trigger released the right hammer first, then the left. If either one of the hammers is cocked alone, the trigger will release that hammer. According to documentation, the left cap was prone to being dismounted by the recoil of the first charge, so it was more reliable to cock one hammer at a time. However if one cocked the left hammer first, igniting the rear charge, catastrophe could occur. The Lindsay’s Young America pistols were manufactured with a nickel plated barrel and brass frame. This pistol has been refinished with nickel plating applied to both the barrel and frame. This pistol is in Very Good condition as a refinished antique, retaining about 75% of its current metal finish. Flaking and finish loss are present and scorch marks are visible on the hammers and rear edge of the barrel assembly. This pocket pistol shows evidence of significant use. Imprints of the nipples are visible on the faces of both hammers and dense carbon buildup can be found on the hammers. This is a very interesting pocket pistol and a unique addition to any collection.

Lindsay’s Young America Two Shot Superimposed 2 3/4 Inch Muzzle Loading Percussion Pocket Pistol, Antique
Lindsay’s Young America Two Shot Superimposed 2 3/4 Inch Muzzle Loading Percussion Pocket Pistol, Antique