Documented Texas Longhorn Arms Grover’s Improved No. 5 “Number Five” Single Action .44 Mag

Make: Texas Longhorn Arms
Model: Grover’s Improved No. 5
Year of Manufacture: 1993
Action Type: Single Action Revolver
Markings: The top of the barrel is marked “Grover’s Improved Number “5”. The top of the frame is marked “Texas Longhorn Arms, Inc. / Richmond Texas”. The frame, ahead of the trigger guard is marked “K-431”. The backstrap is nicely engraved “Rick Hacker”.
Type of Finish: High Gloss Blue
Finish Originality: All Original
Overall Condition: This gun retains about 99% of its metal finish. There are just some minor wear marks on the hammer. The backstrap has a slightly less glossy finish, from infrequent handling. There are a few insignificant marks barely visible in the finish from light handling and careful storage. The Screw heads are sharp and not disfigured. The markings are clear. Overall, this gun rates in about excellent plus condition. This is a very sharp gun, the only thing missing is the box.
Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We did not fire this gun. There are many unique features that make this such a finely thought-out and executed handgun: a thick modified Bisley grip for better recoil absorption, a lowered Bisley hammer for easier cocking, a strengthened and beefed up frame to handle Elmer’s Ultrahot .44 Special loads, and a hefty easy to grasp cylinder latch pin secured with a pivoting lock that was designed to withstand heavy recoil without loosening. Other features unique to this gun are music-wire coil springs, and moving the loading gate and ejector rod housing to the left side. This gun came with a lifetime warranty. It is interesting to note that the cylinder rotates counter clockwise, and the hammer has a second click half cock position.
Box, Paperwork & Accessories: There is a custom leather holster and belt provided with this gun. This rig was hand crafted at the Lawrence Leather Company after it was sold and before it moved from Oregon. The holster is marked “50 .44 38””, and a logo marked “Custom Leather, Hillsboro Oregon “ , and “db” in the middle. This is for “Don Brown” who is now with Ted Blocker holsters. This rig was especially made for this gun and does not fit other Single Actions because of the larger size frame. There are some light surface scratches on the belt where the gun slips into the holster, and on the front surface of the holster. There are some marks on the buckle strap from the buckle. The holster is lined though the belt is not. The stitching is very good. The initials “RH” are carved on the holster. There are 18 bullets loops. The holster and belt are in very good condition, showing little wear.
And… A Copy of the article from “Guns and Ammo 1995” describing this exact gun will be shipped with the pistol.
And… there is a picture of Mr. Hacker with the gun, his 300 Lb. boar and guide.
Our Assessment: This gun was specially crafted and sent to Mr. Rick Hacker, well known firearms author and authority and frequent contributor to most all of the major firearms publications. This gun was built for his use in the article mentioned above, showing the finest work on an already exceptionally crafted piece.
The serial number of this gun was chosen for Mr. Hacker by Grover and reflects the exact bore

”The No. 5 designation came as an improvement to Elmer Keith’s trial and error of four previous Colts” – from R. Hackers 2005 article in Guns and Ammo. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get this highest quality single action gun, complete ensemble, owned by a famous American gun owner and writer – with its custom crafted holster, all in one package. This is an investment grade collectible firearm, from one of the finest makers and from an excessively rare run. Add the provenance of the gun and the recognition of the previous owner, and this is a winner! If you’re more of a shooter, this is a hunting companion for the most discerning of outdoorsmen.

Sold For: $2,982