Kelbly’s Precision Inc. Stolle Panda Single Shot .22 Waldog Custom Bolt Action Rifle w/ Brass & Reloading Dies

SOLD FOR: $1,300
Make: Kelbly’s Precision Inc.
Model: Stolle Panda
Serial Number: 9928
Year of Manufacture: Modern (2000 per consignor)
Caliber:.22 Waldog. Basically a .22 PPC ( with a shortened case. The .22 PPC is based on the .220 Russian (
Action Type: Single Shot, Bolt Action with a Right Handed Bolt with Left Side Ejection Port and No Ejector
Markings: The right side of the receiver is marked with the serial number and “-STOLLE-PANDA- / KELBLY’S INC. / N. LAWRENCE, OHIO”. The left side of the barrel is marked “22 WALDOG / 242 ND”. The underside of the bolt handle is marked with the serial number.
Barrel Length: Approximately 20 ½”
Sights / Optics: No sights are provided as the rifle is meant to be used with a scope. The top of the receiver has a 6” dovetail rail machined into it.
Stock Configuration & Condition: The custom stock is light, hollow and made of a polycarbonate. It is green in color and has streaks of both light and dark green throughout, similar to a bowling ball. It was bedded and painted by T.M. Stockworks (per the consignor.) It has a semi-pistol grip, beavertail forend, stainless steel buttplate and a gloss finish. The left side of the forearm shows two small chipped areas. The bottom of the forearm is scuffed and scraped. The LOP measures 13 1/8” from the front of the trigger to the back of the buttplate. The stock rates in about Fine overall condition.
Type of Finish: Polished Metal (Stainless Steel & Aluminum)
Finish Originality: Original
Bore Condition: The bore shines and the rifling is crisp. There is no erosion.
Overall Condition: This rifle retains about 97% of its metal finish. The left side of the barrel shows several small light scratches that are smooth to the touch. The remainder of the metal shows only a few light handling marks. The screw heads are intact. The markings are deep. Overall, this rifle rates in about Fine to Excellent condition.
Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We have not fired this rifle. The trigger is set at between 1.5 and 2.0 ounces.
Box, Paperwork& Accessories: The rifle comes with 55 pieces of fired brass marked “LAPUA / .220 RUSSIAN”. They are held in a blue plastic case. It also comes with 83 brass cases marked “LAPUA / .220 RUSSIAN” that appear to be sized from new unfired brass. The new brass is in a cardboard box marked “LAPUA”, “.220 RUSSIAN” and with other Lapua company information. The box & case are in about Very Good condition and the brass is as described. Also included is a steel action wrench. It is 8 3/8” x 1”. It is marked “S” on the hexagonal end. It shows a few scrapes and scratches, rating in about Very Good Plus condition. Also included is a die kit and shims. One of the dies is marked “-L.E. WILSON- / CASHMERE, WASH.” and “22 P.P.C.” The dies are held in a green plastic box marked “REDDING”. The die kit is in “As Photographed” condition. We do not know the exact specifications of the kit; view the photos to decide.
Our Assessment: This Kelbly’s Precision Inc. Stolle Panda is a custom bench rest rifle that is meant for competition level shooting. It also happens to look like it’s capable of doing some serious work with its brightly polished metal and custom light and dark green streaked stock. It comes with fired brass, new brass, an action wrench and a die kit for reloading. It is chambered in .22 Waldog. “Several 100-yard bench rest world records have been broken by the .22 Waldog” according to Frank C. Barnes’ book, “Cartridges of the World” 12th Edition, page 167. Here is some info on Kelbly’s Inc. Panda action from “The use of aluminum in rifle actions has been the ultimate goal of many people for a number of decades. First developed by Ralph W. Stolle in the late 60’s and the early 70’s, the Stolle line of actions emerged after many changes in design and techniques. The rigidity and lightweight characteristics are highly desirable features, a must in today’s competitive bench rest rifles. Made entirely of 7075-T651 aircraft aluminum and 4140 alloy steel, they insure the optimum in stiffness and durability…All aluminum models are of the square, flat-bottomed design to give a much greater and longer-lasting bedding area, which is desirable in precision rifles. Lightness in weight affords the use of heavier and stiffer barrels as well as aiding in balance. All models employ an integral full-length dovetail on the top. This rib serves a dual purpose — added basic stiffness, plus built-in high precision scope mount bases.…The Panda action was the first of the aluminum actions designed by Ralph W. Stolle and to this day is still the most popular action built by Kelbly’s Inc. Most suited for the Light Varmint and Sporter classes in bench rest, it is also an excellent choice for a Heavy Varmint class rifle, for a barrel-clamped Unlimited rifle, and for a single shot live varmint rifle”. For more on the stainless Krieger barrel see

Kelbly’s Precision Inc. Stolle Panda Single Shot .22 Waldog Custom Bolt Action Rifle, Brass & Reloading Dies
Kelbly’s Precision Inc. Stolle Panda Single Shot .22 Waldog Custom Bolt Action Rifle, Brass & Reloading Dies