WWII Walther P-38 BYF 43 Documented GI Bringback, Complete Ensemble

Make: Mauser
Model: P-38 AC43
Year of Manufacture: 1943 
Markings: The left side of the slide is marked, “P. 38 byf/43,” and the serial number “3076” and “d”. The left side of the frame is also stamped with the serial number “3076” and “d”, and the “Waffenampt” Nazi proof stamp over “135”. The right side of the slide is marked “135” in two places, each under the Waffenampt Nazi stamp, flanking the Nazi Crest proof stamp. The front of the frame is stamped “3076/D.” What appears to be “740 K” has been faintly hand scratched into the right side of the trigger bar. The left side of the front sight is marked with a “+” sign. Both magazines are correctly stamped Waffenampt “135” on the spine, and “P 38 v” on the lower left side of each magazine. The included uniforms are marked “R. Chase”, as is the bringback letter.
Box, Paperwork & Accessories: This pistol comes with two magazines, matched to the pistol. There is a correct German military holster included, containing a compartment for the spare magazine, stamped, “joa/1943” and “P 38”. This holster shows wear, but the leather is still strong and pliable, and the stitching is intact, throughout. And now, the rest of the treasure trove: This pistol comes with an original document from US Army 7th Replacement Depot, attesting to the bringing back of this pistol by Sgt. Ronald D. Chase, on 6 August, 1945. Included is a pocketbook, detailing the WWII history of the 88th Division in Italy, published by the US army, entitled “We Were There; From Gruber to the Brenner Pass.” I’ve read it; it’s a fascinating and well-written documentation of the wartime exploits of these American heroes. This package also includes two uniforms, shirts and trousers, each marked with “R. Chase.” Each uniform shirt contains the sergeant’s stripes, and 88th Division insignia. The shirts are sized 15/33. The khaki pants are 31/33, and the wool ODs are 32 W/31 Inseam. There are three garrison caps included, two OD and one khaki; the khaki cap still has the “US” metal crest in place, and the OD caps contain desirable blue piping. Two matching belts and a khaki necktie are also included. All of these are in remarkably good condition, with only one small period repair visible on the khaki shirt. The caps are excellent. There is a hash mark appliqué strip included. Finally, included in the auction package is an expended 20 mm. shell casing.
Our Assessment: This is a remarkable package; a desirable Nazi marked wartime P-38 with spare magazine and holster in very good condition with documentation and uniforms from the GI who brought them back!!!!. The holster is correct to the gun, the gun is clean and functional, and this alone would make it a desirable purchase. There is remarkable provenance, complete with original period documents, and two uniforms, included. There is a book, detailing the exploits of the 88th Division, to which the soldier who brought these back, belonged. All of these pieces are in very good and still usable condition, making this a remarkable collection of American Military History, or 2nd World War militaria for the lucky winning bidder.
Sold For: $2,250