Donald Getz Harpers Ferry Model 1803 .54 Flintlock Muzzleloader ATF Antique

SOLD FOR: $1817

LSB#: 220419MD001

Make: Getz Barrel Company of Beaverton, Pennsylvania

Model: Harpers Ferry 1803 U.S. Flintlock Rifle

Serial#: NSN

Year of Manufacture: Circa 1977-2014, ATF Antique

Caliber: .54 Caliber

Action Type: Flintlock Muzzle-Loaded Musket

Markings: The lock–plate is marked “HARPERS / FERRY / 1803” and has the Great Seal of the United States (an eagle). The barrel is marked “US”, features an eagle’s head and “P”. When the gun is taken down, the bottom of the breech is marked “GETZ / BEAVERTOWN, PA”, “.54”, “1/66”” and has a faded number. There is a cartouche on the left side of the forend directly behind the sideplate.

Barrel Length: 33”, Octagon to Round

Sights/ Optics: The front sight is a brass blade dovetailed to the barrel. The rear sight is a “U”-notch dovetailed to the barrel.

Stock Configuration & Condition/ Grip: The stock is wood featuring two ferrules fixed to a rib under the barrel, a brass capped slot in the forend for a ramrod, a barrel wedge, a lock–late, a side-plate, a straight wrist with a finger grooves integral to the bottom tang, a brass patch-box, na straight com with cheek-piece and brass semi-crescent butt-plate with a notch that opens the patch-box. The stock has some light handling marks but lacks any notable defects. There are no chips or cracks. The LOP is 13.75” from the trigger to the rear end of the butt-plate. The upper portion of the butt-plate has a small spot of light verdigris and some light handling marks. There are some light handling marks and a few scattered spots of light surface oxidation on the patch-box. The trigger guard has several small spots Overall, the stock is in Very Good plus condition.

Type of Finish: Browned, Case Colored and Brass

Finish Originality: Original

Bore Condition: The bore is semi-bright with sharp rifling. There is light erosion concentrated in the grooves.

Overall Condition: The rifle retains about 90% of its metal finish. There are some light handling marks, nicks and scuffs on the gun’s metal surfaces. Notably, the finish on the barrel has thinned along the leading edges. The markings remain clear. The screwheads have only light tool-marks, and they remain serviceable. Overall, the rifle is in Fine condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We have not fired this muzzleloader. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance requirements.

Box Paperwork and Accessories: There is a ramrod included with the gun.

Our Assessment: This is a beautifully crafted reproduction of the Harpers Ferry Model 1803 U.S. Flintlock Musket by Donald E. Getz. Donald E. Getz was an extremely talented gunsmith who specialized in the manufacture of muzzleloaders and operated the Getz Barrel Company. His work was featured in a number of Hollywood blockbusters like “The Patriot”, “The Last of the Mohicans” and “Master and Commander”. Unfortunately, Getz passed away in 2014 at the age of 81.

This is a reproduction of the Harpers Ferry Model 1803 which was one of the most important early firearms to be manufactured by a U.S. arsenal. Only made at Harpers Ferry, the gun was the only flint-lock muzzleloader rifle produced by either Springfield or Harpers Ferry and it saw extensive use during the War of 1812. This modern reproduction remains largely true to the original design with the only major difference being the notch on the butt-plate which is used to open the patch-box (which is much nicer than having to pry it open with your fingers or a screw-driver). This is a great option for fans of black-powder firearms, historical reenactors and collector’s of Mr. Getz’s work. Good luck on your bid!

Donald Getz Harpers Ferry Model 1803 .54 Flintlock Muzzleloader ATF Antique
Donald Getz Harpers Ferry Model 1803 .54 Flintlock Muzzleloader ATF Antique