39th Regiment Nazi Machine Gun Company Documented WWII German 1914 DWM Luger

Make: Mauser (DWM)
Model: 1914 DWM Military
Year of Manufacture: 1915
Markings: The right side of the frame has four proof marks which resemble: 1) Crown over “T”, 2) Crown over “S”, 3) Crown over “S” and 4) Eagle. The chamber is dated “1915”, and the top of the toggle, back of the toggle, extractor, both safety bars, sideplate, and takedown lever are marked “69”. The left side of the barrel/slide at the sideplate is marked “3569” and “8,82”. The under side of the barrel and the front of the frame are marked “3569 G”. The magazine is correct period and is marked “9942 C”. The front grip strap is marked “39.R.M.G.”, the nine overstrikes a “6”. This mark abbreviates the 39th Regimental Machine Gun company.
Box, Paperwork & Accessories: There is a notarized letter, from the daughter of the returning soldier, included with this gun, stating that Lt. Edward Montagne shot and killed a German soldier and brought back this Luger as a war souvenir. The letter goes on to say that this gun was stored in a closet until inherited upon his passing by the author of the letter. This letter further states that Lt. Montagne took the only motion pictures of Mussolini hanging in Milan in 1945, confirmed in the discharge documentation. Also included with this gun and this notarized letter is Lt. Montagne’s honorable discharge paperwork. Please see our photos for this gun and paperwork.
Our Assessment: This is a true museum worthy firearm, and is a firearm that has seen an incredible amount of World History. The UNIQUE VALUE in this firearms is its bringback history and the notarized letter discussing the exploits of the GI who brought it back. The gun likely saw service in WWI and was pressed back into service during WWII. This is just a rare combination and one of the few with documented provenance. A must for every WWI, WWII, Luger or Nazi enthusiast, or collector. Please see our photos of this beautiful gun and paperwork. Edward Montagne went on to make a same for himself in Hollywood: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0598723/
Sold For: $4,050