Roth Steyr Model 1907

Make:  Roth Steyr Model 1907, Fegyvergyar Budapest
Year of Manufacture: 1907
Caliber: 8mm Sharfe Patrone M.07/8×18.5 Roth Steyr (Note: 114 gr.bullet at 1045 FPS)
Finish Originality: Factory Original.
Overall Condition: This gun retains about 90% of its metal finish. The balance of the finish shows just minor wear to the muzzle end of the barrel. There is a little pinprick freckling just starting to form on the right side of the frame, above the grip (this is very difficult to see). There is a little discoloration on the backstrap. The remainder of the gun just shows light surface marks, so light that it is apparentl this gun was well stored and cared for. The Screw heads are sharp. The markings are clear. Overall, this gun rates in about excellent condition.
Box & Accessories: There is an original holster included with this gun, and two stripper clips. These are unique stripper clips that combine a loader with a holder. There is a speciacl pouch on the holster for these clips. The holster is amazing, it is thick, form fitted to the gun and heavily stitches. It is in very good servicable condition. There is some wear to the upper surface of the flap and belt loop and at the front of the holster at the top and bottom. The number “28” is stamped on the back of the holster. This certainly appears to be a military holster. The closing leather thong that drops over the studs shows wear but is intact.
Our Assessment: This gun is over 100 years old and it looks better than most new guns we get on consignment. It is a historically significant gun and in amazing condition in its original holster with the rare and valuable stripper clips still with the gun. This is the first semi-auto pistol to be adopted by a major military power.  In 1907 it was adopted by the Austro-Hungaryarian army for mounted units. It has a  unique two stage trigger pull. The first stage cocks the striker and the second stage releases the sear and fires the round, I wonder where Glock got that idea…? The finish is excellent with just a few wear spots. This is an amazing example of the Roth Steyr 1907. Attention military collecters, STEYR collectors, early automatic collectors and history buffs alike. This is truly a rare find. Please see page 21 of the Standard Catalog of Military Firearms” by Ned Schwing for more details.
Sold For: $2,600
One of the first semi automatic pistols ever made. Complete with original holster and two in the box stripper clips.