Springfield 1866 Trapdoor Allin Conversion .45-70 Single Shot Rifle Antique

SOLD FOR: $1025.50

LSB#: 220316CA211

Make: Springfield Armory

Model: 1866 Allin Conversion “Trapdoor” Rifle

Serial Number: None

Year of Manufacture: The original date of manufacture for the rifle was 1864. It was converted to cartridge use in 1866.

Caliber: .50-70 Centerfire (.50-70 Government)

Action Type: Single Shot Trapdoor

Markings: The top of the breechblock is marked “1866” and with an “eagle head”. The bottom of the breechblock is marked “C”. The left shoulder of the receiver just behind the breechblock is marked with an “eagle head”. The lockplate is marked with the Springfield “eagle” as well as “U.S. / Springfield” in front of the hammer and “1864” behind the hammer. The left side of the receiver is marked “4”. The barrel bands are marked “U”. The top of the buttplate in front of the mounting screw is marked “U S”. The top of the butt is marked “21”. The underside of the butt is marked with a faded and crossed out stamping.

Barrel Length: Approximately 36 1/2 Inches

Sights / Optics: The front sight is a blade fixed to a small rectangular base. The rear sight is a folding leaf sight. When the leaf is folded down, a short “V” notch battle sight is presented. When flipped up, there are two larger aperture sights and a small “U” notch at the top of the leaf.

Stock Configuration and Condition: The wood stock has a straight grip, metal nosecap, cutout for the included cleaning rod, 3 barrel bands, stacking loop, 2 sling loops, and a metal buttplate. The buttplate shows scratches and light surface erosion. The stock hardware shows small scratches and discoloration from oxidation. The wood shows several scrapes, scratches and compression marks. Many have damaged small portions of the surface wood. Most of these marks have been oiled. The LOP measures 13 1/2 inches from the front of the trigger to the back of the buttplate. Overall, the stock rates in about Very Good Plus condition, as an antique.

Type of Finish: The barrel and receiver are in-the-white. The breechblock, lockplate and hammer are case colored.

Finish Originality: Original

Bore Condition: The bore is gray and the rifling is deep. There is light erosion throughout the bore with a scattering of more prominent erosion.

Overall Condition: This rifle has lost most of its metal finish. The metal shows scrapes, small scratches, small dents, discoloration from oxidation and small areas of light surface erosion. The screw heads show moderate use. The markings are well defined. Overall, this rifle rates about in Very Good condition, as an Antique

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. The hammer has a half-cock safety. We have not fired this rifle. As with all used firearms, thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance standards.

Box, Paperwork, and Accessories: None.

Our Assessment: This Springfield Model 1866 Allin Conversion started life as a Model 1863 Rifle Musket. The Model 1863 was very similar to the Model 1861 and both fired a .58 caliber minie ball. The Model 1861 was the standard musket in use during the Civil War, and the Model 1863 had the distinction of being the last muzzle loading long arm produced by the Springfield Armory.
The Allin Conversion was done at Springfield Armory and converted both the 1861 and 1863 models to fire a .50-70 Government cartridge. The Model 1861 became the Model 1865 and the Model 1863 became the Model 1866. The Model 1866 had a firing pin spring and a stronger internal extraction system than the Model 1865.
This Springfield Model 1866 Trapdoor is a nice find for collectors of U.S. Military firearms. Good luck.

Springfield 1866 Trapdoor Allin Conversion .45-70 Single Shot Rifle Antique
Springfield 1866 Trapdoor Allin Conversion .45-70 Single Shot Rifle Antique