Winchester Model 1892 .44 WCF First Year Production

Make: Winchester Model 1892
Serial Number: 257
Finish Originality: Absolutely 100% Original Finish, and Guaranteed
Our Assessment: This is a special gun, and whether a Winchester Collector or a John Moses Browning fan (like us), this is a rare opportunity to own what is truly a cornerstone piece for any collection. This gun has everything a collector would want. It is in the correct caliber, with correct features, is in truly great condition and it is one of the first 300 Guns Made! The rifle would only need one of these attributes to be desired, but with all three, this is a must have rifle. This rifle came from an old California collection and has not been offered for sale, publicly, in at least several decades.
Sold For: $8,400.01

This was one of John Moses Browning's first lever action design. Like all Browning design's, this was a success for Winchester, following the Winchester 1886 and eventually leading to the Winchester 1894.