Cased Colt Sheriff’s Edition 5-Gun .45 LC Single Action Army Revolver Factory Set

Sold For: $7,005

LSB#: 140703RD01, 140703RD02, 140703RD03, 140703RD04, 140703RD05 

Make: Colt 

Model: Sheriff’s Edition Single Action Army Revolvers 

Serial Number: All revolver have the same prefix (035SE) Followed by 2, 25, 3, 4, 55 (which correspond to the barrel lengths). 

Year of Manufacture: 1987. Serial Numbers 1 to 35 are on the C&R list, these are number 35… 

Caliber: .45 LC 

Action Type: Single Action Revolvers 

Markings: All 5 guns are marked with the serial numbers on the underside of the frames and with the patent dates on the left sideof the frames. The barrels are all marked with the caliber designations (.45 Colt), Colt “Hartford Conn.” address and SAA or Single Action Army model designations (“SAA” or “Single Action Army” as the barrel length allows for). 

Barrel Length: 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 4″ & 5.5″ 

Sights / Optics: The front sights are fixed blades. The rear sight is a groove in the top strap. 

Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are smooth and lightly finished two piece walnut grips with gold medallions. All five pairs of the grips rate in nearly-new-in-box condition, with none showing wear other than finishing imperfections at the factory and a possible box rub or two. The grips rate in about Excellent to LNIB overall condition. 

Type of Finish: Blue 

Finish Originality: Factory Original 

Bore Condition: The bores are all unfired and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion in the bores. 

Overall Condition: These handguns retain about 99% of their metal finish. All five guns match in condition, with no mentionable wear, handling marks, drag lines or imperfections. Our consignor states that these guns are unturned and the condition and lack of drag lines suggests that this is the truth. The guns have lived their lives in their boxes, never even being displayed and still residing in the factory oiled bags. The screw heads are sharp and unturned. The markings are crisp. Overall, these handguns rate in about Excellent and LNIB condition. 

Mechanics: The actions are unturned and we did not cock any of the to confirm they are functioning. These are Colt manufactured Single Action Army Revolver – there is no doubt in our minds that they work perfectly, though we did not want to risk wear on the guns to confirm this. We did not fire these handguns. 

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: All 5 guns come in their original boxes, with matching end labels, Styrofoam inserts, plastic bags, hang tags and paperwork. The paperwork is attached to each Styrofoam insert and none look to have been opened. Each gun is complete with all items shipped from the factory, and the set is complete with all 5 guns. Also included is the factory glass and walnut display case. The case is still wrapped as was done for shipping, and we can only see light marks to the exterior from storage. The boxes that accompany each gun are sharp with only light discoloration and rubbing, all rating in about Fine condition. The display case rates in about Fine condition as well, with only a handful of imperfections. 

Our Assessment: This is the pinnacle of modern Colt Single Action Army collecting. The Sheriff’s models are distinguished by the lack of ejector rods and ejector rod housings. They came in 5 barrel lengths, all of which are represented here. This is a complete and rare set of Colts, all in Mint condition. The guns are beautiful and complete on their own and made even better by the tasteful display case and completeness of the set. Every gun room needs this set greeting its visitors, and this set is one of the best we have ever seen offered for sale. It is the 35th set made and the condition is as good as could be hoped for. 

Cased Colt Sheriff's Edition 5-Gun .45 LC Single Action Army Revolver Factory Set
Cased Colt Sheriff’s Edition 5-Gun .45 LC Single Action Army Revolver Factory Set