Belgium Browning FN Fabrique Nationale High Power Olympian Grade .458 Win. Mag. Bolt Action Rifle

Sold For: $7,528.79

LSB#: 140706SR23

Make: Browning (Made by FN in Belgium) 

Model: FN High-Power Olympian Grade 

Serial Number: 55964L70

Year of Manufacture: 1970 

Caliber: .458 Winchester Magnum 

Action Type: Bolt Action with Hinged Floorplate Magazine 

Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked “Browning Arms Company”. The right rear of the receiver is marked “55964L70”. The right side of the barrel is marked “Caliber .458 Win. Mag. Only 55964 L70 / Made In Belgium” and with a crowned “PV” proof. The underside of the bolt handle is marked “54882” and the front of the bolt is marked with a “Lion / PV” proof. The bottom of the elephant scene on the left side of the chamber ring is signed “L.Lambert” and the grass below the cape buffalo on the magazine floorplate is signed “L. SEVERIN”. The grass below the lion on the bottom of the trigger guard is marked with the initials “LL”. 

Barrel Length: The barrel is about 24”. 

Sights / Optics: The barrel has a hooded beaded blade front sight dovetailed into a serrated ramped base. The rear of the barrel has a “U” notches folding sight dovetailed into a base on the barrel and adjustable for windage and elevation. There receiver is drilled, tapped and filled for a scope mount. 

Stock Configuration & Condition: The stock is a one piece checkered walnut with a beautiful marbled grain and high luster finish. The checkered areas are carved with a scroll pattern which is beautiful, so please see our pictures. The stock has a Monte Carlo comb with cheekpiece, pistol grip, chromed satin sling swivel studs and a vented reddish brown rubber recoil pad marked “Browning”. The recoil pad has white and black spacers. The grip is slightly flared at the bottom and has a rosewood grip cap with a white spacer and a gold colored diamond shaped medallion inlet into its center. The forend also has a rosewood tip with white spacer. The stock shows a few light handling marks with a very shallow compression mark on the left side above the trigger. There are two extremely light marks on the right side of the forend just in front of the bolt handle. The checkering is sharp with one or two shiny spots you need a strong light and a magnifying glass to spot. The LOP measures 13 ½” from the front of the trigger to the back of the recoil pad, which is still pliable on the edges and in Excellent condition. The stock rates in about Excellent overall condition. 

Type of Finish: The barrel is a high luster blue, the trigger is gold flashed and the receiver and bolt are chrome plated. The receiver has a satin finish while the bolt is bright. The rear of the barrel, the top of the receiver and the tang in front of the magazine are all heavily scroll engraved. The sides of the chamber ring, the magazine floorplate and the bottom of the trigger guard are all engraved with African game scenes. The screw heads, stock bolts and sling swivel studs all have a satin chrome finish, and the screw heads and stock bolts are engraved. 

Finish Originality: All Original 

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion. 

Overall Condition: This rifle retains about 99+% of its metal finish. Other than some light wear on the body of the bolt, we didn’t find any marks in the metal surfaces. The screw slots are sharp except for the screw at the front of the magazine well which is distressed. The markings are clear. Overall, this rifle rates in about Excellent condition. 

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We did not fire this rifle. 

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: None 

Our Assessment: From Wikipedia: “The .458 Winchester Magnum is a belted, straight-taper cased, dangerous game riflecartridge. It was introduced commercially in 1956 by Winchester and designed to compete against the .450 Nitro Express and the .470 Nitro Express cartridges found in big bore British double rifles. The .458 Winchester Magnum remains to this day one of the most popular dangerous game cartridges. Unlike the more powerful .460 Wby. Mag., the .458 Win. Mag. Is not considered too powerful for thinned skinned lion, but bullet selection is critical to get proper bullet expansion quickly upon impact. The .458 Win. Mag has found use for the hunting of large bears such as the polar and Alaskan brown bear and American bison. Many guides in Alaska and Canada carry rifles chambered in this cartridge to provide a defense against these largest bear species for themselves and their clients.” This is an exceptionally nice looking rifle that has been given outstanding care, as were all the firearms we received from this consignor. Please see our pictures because words alone cannot describe how beautiful this rifle really is. It is a Browning FN High-Power in Browning’s highest grade: Olympian. The wood has a beautiful marbled grain with a high luster finish, and the stocks are checkered and hand carved in a scrolled pattern. The rear of the barrel, the top of the receiver and tang in front of the magazine floorplate are scroll engraved and the sides of the chamber ring, the magazine floorplate and the bottom of the trigger guard are engraved with African game scenes. The blued barrel contrasts nicely with the satin chrome receiver, polished chrome bolt and gold flashed trigger. Even the screw heads and the stock bolts are engraved. This rifle has a strong Mauser action and a sharp bore. It will be great for hunting the big bears up in Alaska or any of the African “big five”. But, if it were ours, it would sit in a lighted gun cabinet with a glass door so that we could admire it daily. It really belongs in a Browning collection where its beauty can be appreciated.