General Arthur Hanket Bringback Colt Model 1911A1 .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol & Holster – Documented C&R

Sold For: $3,856

LSB#: 140506AH01 

Make: Colt 

Model: 1911-A1 

Serial Number: 1098794 

Year of Manufacture: 1943 (Proof House) 

Caliber: .45 ACP 

Action Type: Single Action, Semi-Automatic with Removable Magazine 

Markings: The left side of the slide is marked “Patented Apr.20.1897 Sept.9.1902. / DEC.19.1905.Feb.14.1911.AUG.19.1913”, “Colts Pt. F.A. Mfg. Co. / Hartford. CT. U.S.A.”, and with the Rampant Colt logo in the center. The left of the frame near the magazine release is marked with a “P” acceptance proof and under the slide release with “GHD” (Guy H. Drewry Lt. Col., USA Springfield Ordnance District, Army Inspector of Ordnance, June 17, 1942 to July 15, 1945). The left side of the frame in front of the trigger guard is marked “D” and with a “VP” in a triangle. The right side of the frame is marked “UNITED STATES PROPERTY / No 1098794”, “M1911A1 U.S. ARMY” and at the front of the trigger guard with “48”. The left side of the barrel above the lug is marked “COLT 45 AUTO”. The rear face of the slide (under the firing pin stop) is marked “1098 / 794”. The slot on the right side of the slide is marked “G”, “X” and “U”. The flat at the right rear of the slide is marked “U” and “Z”. The top of the frame in front of the hammer is marked with a large “G”, a small “G” and with what could be a “1”, “H”, “Y” and “4”. The top of the slide in front of the rear sight is marked “P”. The left side of the lug on the barrel is marked with a “P”. There is a faint ordnance “wheel” marked on the right side of the frame behind the grip. 

Barrel Length: 5” 

Sights / Optics: The front sight is a short ramped blade fixed to the slide. The rear sight is a square notch dovetailed into the slide. 

Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are checkered reddish brown plastic. The checkering is sharp without mars except for at the bottom edges of the grip where the checkering shows moderate wear. There are neither chips nor cracks. The grips rate in about Excellent overall condition. 

Type of Finish: The finish is Parkerized. The mainspring housing is checkered. 

Finish Originality: All Original 

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion in the bore. 

Overall Condition: This pistol retains about 90% of its metal finish. The front edges of the slide and frame and the top surfaces of the front and rear sights show thinning. There are small spots of thinning on the top of the slide from the muzzle to the ejection port and a spot of thinning on the right side of the frame above the trigger. The back edge of the beavertail and the left edge of the safety also show thinning. There is a mark through the finish on the left side of the frame extending from the slide release nearly to the trigger and a mark through the finish on the left front side of the slide from rubbing on the frame. The hammer and mainspring housing checkering show light wear, and the slide release checkering is sharp with just a hint of wear on the front corner. The slide serrations are sharp. The checkering on the recoil spring plug and safety show light wear. The grip screws are sharp and the markings are clear. Overall, this pistol rates in about Fine condition. 

Mechanics: The trigger pull is crisp. The slide is tight on the frame. The action functions correctly. We have not fired this pistol. 

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: This pistol comes with one blued magazine and a brown leather holster. The magazine has no markings and shows minimal wear. The floorplate shows handling marks and thinning on its front edge. The magazine is in about Fine condition. The holster is light brown in color and stamped “US” in an oval on its top flap. The back of the holster has a piece of leather both sewn and riveted to it marked “BOYT / -42-“. The leather is slotted to form belt loops and folded over at the top to form a wide loop securing a web belt steel double hook. The top flap, formed by folding over the underside of the holster, has a slotted hole which attaches to the front of the holster with a brass stud riveted to the holster. The bottom of the holster has bronze eyelets on both sides for a rawhide thong to pass through to serve as a thigh tie-down. The thong is present and wrapped neatly at the bottom of the holster. The outside surface of the holster shows handling marks with some compression marks just below the top flap. The underside of the holster shows a few spots of discoloration and light scuff marks. The holster is in about Very Good condition. Also included with this pistol is a copy of a letter signed by Arthur Hanket stating that this is one of the pistols owned by his father, Arthur P. Hanket, B. Gen. (ret.) along with a copy of his father’s discharge papers and a copy of his biography. All are in Excellent condition. 

Our Assessment: > The 1911 and 1911-A1 pistols served the military of the United States from 1911 to 1985, through World War One world War Two, the Korean and Vietnam wars. They gained a reputation as a reliable handgun with plenty of stopping power and are held in high regard by those who have used them. This pistol was owned by BG Arthur P. Hanket who was issued this pistol when he graduated from West Point and jointed the Corps of Engineers in 1945. There is documentation from his son included with the pistol stating that his father owned this pistol, plus copies of his father’s discharge papers and a detailed biography of his colorful career, including his service in Vietnam. This is a WWII manufactured 1911A1 pistol made by Colt. It is in Fine condition with its original finish and with some thinning on the slide and frame and a few handing marks on the frame. It has a slide that is tight to the frame and a very sharp bore. This pistol is complete with a correctly marked period “US” marked leather holster suitable for carrying on a web or leather belt. This package is a great find for the Colt collector or collector of WWII weaponry. 

General Arthur Hanket Bringback Colt Model 1911A1 .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol & Holster - Documented C&R
General Arthur Hanket Bringback Colt Model 1911A1 .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol & Holster – Documented C&R