Cased Enfield BSA No 4 Mk 1 “T” .303 British Bolt Action Target / Sniper Rifle – C&R

Sold For: $4,005

LSB#: 140325XX08 

Make: Enfield, BSA Shirley 

Model: No4 MkI (T) I 

Serial Number: Q39663 

Year of Manufacture: 1945 

Caliber: .303 British 

Action Type: Bolt Action with Removable Magazine 

Markings: The import mark on the left side of the stock collar reads “ENGLAND”; it is upside down. The stock collar also is marked “M47C” (the code for BSA Shirley) and “1945”. The left side of the receiver is marked “No.4 Mk.I / Q39663 (serial number) and “T” (signifying a No.32 telescope had been fitted, and the combination had met all inspections). The front of the receiver is marked “crown / BNP” on the left side and “S” on the right; the rear is marked “6” and with three “crowned” inspection stamps. The front of the magazine well is marked “M/47C” and with an Arrow. The middle barrel band is marked “S.126”. The top of the nose cap is marked “J.B.” The rear of the bolt handle is marked with the serial number; the bottom is marked “7”; the bottom of the knob is marked with a faded Crown over “BNP”. The cocking handle is marked “N 67.MK.II”. The bolt head is marked “0” and “M/47C” (the “C” is stamped over with a tool mark.) The rear of the front sight is marked “PS / SK”; the top is marked “M arrow / .03”. The rear sight is marked with “SM” on the left, an Arrow on the back and “N67” on the top of the sight ladder. The top of the grip is marked “17982” (the scope number). The bottom of the grip is marked “J.C / N22 / arrow” and with two “crowned” inspection stamps. The underside of the stock, to the rear of the middle barrel band, is marked “A”; to the rear of the nose cap it is marked “S.L” The magazine follower is marked “M/56”. The rear of the magazine is marked “NX”, “M/56” and Arrow over “D”. 

Barrel Length: Approximately 25 ¼” 

Sights / Optics: The front sight is a blade set between two protective ears. The rear sight is a flip up sight ladder marked from “2 – 13”. There is no rear sight when the ladder is down due to the scope. The left side of the receiver has two threaded holes for accepting the scope base that is attached to the scope. The scope is a fixed 3 power with a post reticle. The glass appears clear, but there is a slight haze to the view. It appears to function correctly. The tube and knobs show scratches and wear. One of the brass screws is missing some of its black finish. The front of the tube’s brass is worn, oxidized and discolored. The scope is attached to a one piece mount with two rings. The mounting screws are integral to the base. The scope is marked “TEL. SIGHTING / No 32 MK III / O.S. 2039 A / AK&S No 17982 / 1945 / arrow”. The top knob is marked “0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10”. The side knob is marked “16 12 8 4 0 4 8 12 16”. The two scope ring tops and matching base bottoms are marked “392” and “393” on the right. The left side of the scope base is marked “JG” upside down and with the rifle serial number, “Q39663”. The scope, rings and base are in about Very Good condition. The scope comes in a separate green metal case with threaded metal mounting brackets. The outside of the case is stenciled with “RIFLE Q 39633” in white. It is also marked “OS.960A / CASE. STG. TEL. No8 / B&Co”. The inside of the case has two labels; one is marked with the telescope number and rifle serial number and one is marked “LABEL R399 A” with instructions. The scope also comes with a one piece leather scope lens cover. It is marked “O.S.12419”. It is worn and shows discoloration. The metal case and lens cover are in about Very Good condition. 

Stock Configuration & Condition: The four piece, hardwood stock has a straight grip, raised check piece, serrated upper hand guard, nose caps, two barrel bands, two sling loops and a metal buttplate with hinged door for storage (there are cleaning tools in the butt.) The buttstock is darker than the rest of the wood and appears to have been refinished. The raised cheek piece is secured by two screws. The buttplate is slightly small for the end of the butt. There are faint marks on the right side of the butt which have been cleaned off. The wood has light handling marks. There are a few small compression marks and a few light scratches. The LOP measures 13 ¼” from the front of the trigger to the back of the buttplate. The stock rates in about Fine overall condition. 

Type of Finish: As Military Applied 

Finish Originality: Refinished During Sniper Upgrade 

Bore Condition: The bore is bright; the rifling is deep and sharp. There is no erosion. 

Overall Condition: This rifle retains about 95% of its current metal finish. The nose caps are scratched and worn. The front of the barrel is worn and shows wear and light marks. The middle barrel band is worn and discolored. The trigger guard shows light marks and light scratches. The stock collar is scratched. Some imperfections were finished over during the refinishing process. The buttplate shows light wear and some oxidation. The screw heads show light use. The new markings are deep. Overall, this rifle rates in about Fine condition, as refinished. 

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We have not fired this rifle. 

Box, Paperwork& Accessories: The rifle comes with a 10-round magazine that shows wear and scratches. It is in about Very Good Condition. It comes with an unmarked brown leather sling with metal tabs. The metal shows oxidation, the sling is worn and scratched; it is in about Very Good condition. The rifle also comes with a green wooden, carrying chest that has metal hinges, metal latches for closing and two leather straps for carrying. The top of the rear strap is missing. The outside of the case is marked with a discolored paint as well as the green. The wood inside the case holds the rifle in position as well as the scope case. It uses wooden inserts to do this. Two of the inserts are covered in felt. The inside has a label on the top as well as a second label that has peeled off. The label on the inside of the lid is marked “EQUPTMENT RIFLE No 4 SNIPING” and with other text. The other label is a duplicate. Both sides of the outside are stenciled in white “CHEST S.A. No.15. MkI”. The front is stenciled in black “U.S. / CHICAGO / 1125”. The case is in about Very Good condition. 

Our Assessment: We have one more Enfield Sniper, but this is the whole (RARE) package. This rifle also started out as an Enfield No.4 Mk1 made at BSA Shirley. It was selected for its inherent accuracy and then upgraded to a sniper. From Wikipedia: “BSA Shirley undertook some conversions after their rifles were determined to be amongst the most accurate being produced . . . These rifles were extensively employed in various conflicts until the late 1960s, and when the British military switched over to the 7.62×51 NATO round in the 1950s, many of the No. 4 Mk I (T) sniper rifles were converted to the new caliber and designated L42A1. The L42A1 sniper rifle continued as the British Army’s standard sniper weapon until the mid-1980s”. This sniper comes with the correct wooden carrying chest, correct scope with matching numbers, metal scope case & with matching numbers, leather scope cover, original labels and tons of history. You will be hard pressed to find this entire package. This is impressive. Please see photos as there are more markings on the accessories than listed above. For an article and photos (sniper equipment included) on the process of taking a No4 Mk1 and making it into a sniper, please see: Good Luck. 

Cased Enfield BSA No 4 Mk 1 "T" .303 British Bolt Action Target / Sniper Rifle - C&R
Cased Enfield BSA No 4 Mk 1 “T” .303 British Bolt Action Target / Sniper Rifle – C&R