WWII 101st Airborne Bringback Documented 1941 Mauser 9mm 1934 byf Luger, Knife, Holster & Other Trophies Of War

SOLD FOR: $2,710
Model: 1934 byf 
Serial Number: 2823n 
Year of Manufacture: 1941 
Caliber: 9MM Luger 
Action Type: Toggle Type Single Action Semi-Auto, Removable Magazine. 
Markings: The locking bolt, left side plate, sear bar and top edge of the sear bar safety are marked “23”. The extractor, back of rear toggle link and the rear of the front toggle link are also marked “23”. The left side of the frame under the safety is marked “Gesichert”. The left side of the frame is marked “P.08”. The left side of the receiver at the chamber is marked “2823” and the top of the chamber is marked “41”. The top of the front toggle link is marked “byf” (The code for Mauser). The right side of the receiver is marked with two winged eagles over “655” and a winged eagle holding a swastika, as shown on line 31, pg. 236 of “Luger Variations” by H.E. Jones. The left side of the barrel is marked with an “Eagle over 655”, the right side with a winged eagle holding a swastika, and the bottom is marked “2823 / 8,82”. The front of the frame under the barrel is marked “2823” over a script “n”. The right side of the grip frame is marked “S” and “U”. The left and right sides of the grip frame are marked “7”. The underside of the left grip is marked “9 7” and with an “Eagle / 655”. The underside of the right grip is marked “42”, “Eagle / 655” and “M”. 
Barrel Length: 3.9” 
Sights / Optics: This pistol is mounted with a “V” notch in the back of the toggle and a serrated ramped blade front sight in a dovetail on the front barrel band. 
Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are checkered walnut. The checkering shows moderate wear. The wear in the right grip is somewhat uneven, with several mars. There is also a small crack at the top edge of the right grip. The grips rate in about Very Good overall condition. 
Type of Finish: Blue 
Finish Originality: The finish is original. 
Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion in the bore. 
Overall Condition: This pistol retains about 75% of its metal finish. The barrel band shows surface loss on both sides, with light scratches and pitting on the right side. The barrel shows handling marks through the finish. The receiver shows thinning on its edges and a mark on the left side at the chamber. The frame shows surface loss at its front corners and thinning along the side edges. The trigger guard shows handling marks through the finish with a spot of surface loss. The front strap shows handling marks through the finish and the backstrap shows thinning at the bottom. The left side plate shows surface loss and light pitting. The serrations on the safety and the checkering on the magazine release are sharp, but show thinning. The front edge of the locking bolt checkering shows wear. The grip screws are sharp but with marks of a screwdriver. The markings are clear. Overall, this pistol rates in about Very Good condition. 
Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We did not fire this pistol. 
Box, Paperwork & Accessories: This pistol comes with one magazine that appears to be a 1923 type with aluminum bottom piece. The magazine bottom piece is marked “4055 / l” , a “+” and an “Eagle / 63”. It shows minimal wear and is in about Fine condition. There are also a box full of accessories that come with this pistol: Holster: The holster has a pouch sewn to its forward edge for holding a spare magazine, a top flap cover, a pocket on the inside for holding a takedown tool and a leather pull strap to aid in pulling the pistol from the holster. (Neither the takedown tool nor a spare magazine are included). The back of the holster has two narrow belt loops for a belt up to about 2” in width. The back side of the holster is marked “jkh / 42”, with a “WaA927” (Carl Busse, Mainz) Waffenamt and “P.08”. The top-flap is stitched to the top of the back of the holster, which becomes a leather hinge. The flap is secured by a short strap sewn to it which fastens to a buckle sewn to the rear edge of the holster. The hinge leather and the leather stitching are all intact. The leather shows thinning of the black finish at the muzzle and at the corners of the top strap. The holster also shows numerous handling marks and scrape marks in the finish. There is a white outline on the back side of the holster where tape was applied. The holster is in about Very Good condition. 

Bayonet: This nickel plated dress bayonet comes with sheath, leather frog, belt and buckle. The bayonet is marked “C. Gustav Spitzer / Solingen” and is the long model for a K98. The blade shows scuff marks and light scratches, and is complete with its original brown leather washer. The handle shows light pitting and spots of surface loss on the left side of the pommel and hilt. The bayonet is in about Fine condition. The sheath is steel with a blued finish. The tip is a knob that is marked with a “WaA881” Waffenamt. The sheath shows light scratches, thinning and a few spots of pinprick surface erosion. The hook shows surface loss and light marks. Overall, the sheath is in about Very Good condition. The sheath hangs on a black leather frog which is looped over a black leather belt with aluminum buckle. The loop becomes the back of frog, and is both sewn and riveted in place. One thread of the frog stitching looks like it is starting to come loose. There is also a strap with steel stud for securing the bayonet. The frog shows a few scuff marks and light surface cracking. Overall, the frog is in Very Good condition. The belt is 35 ½” in length and is adjustable up to a length of 37” with double prongs on the inside of the buckle that penetrate a short length of leather sewn to the back of the belt. The belt shows only light wear except for remnants of white paint or glue on the inside surface of the belt. The buckle is cast with what appear to be oak leaves in a circle, with a spade marked with a Swastika in the center. It is a Reichsarbeitsdienst or RAD unit buckle (Reich Labor Service). The belt and its buckle are in about Very Good to Fine condition. 

Canteen: The canteen is wooden with a dark brown finish and a black painted alloy screw-on top attached to a narrow olive drab harness that fits around the canteen. The back side of the canteen is marked “D.R.G.M. / H.R.E.42 / D.R.P.angm. / c”. The canteen shows scuff marks in the finish. The back and underside of the canteen look like it was repaired with a black glue and the seam around the back side on the bottom shows surface cracking (we filled the canteen with water and it did not leak). The harness has a hook for attaching to a belt or other harness. The canteen is in about Very Good condition. 

Ammo Pouch: The ammo pouch is leather stained black on the top flap and front surfaces and brown on the back. It is a single 1” wide belt loop for belts up to 2” in width on the back. The belt loop is riveted at the top, but is secured on the bottom of the holster with a steel stud so it can be removed without removing the belt from the body. The top strap is secured to the same steel. The leather is supple but shows light wear and the hinge leather and stitching are intact. There is a small cut in the leather on the top of the top flap. Inside the holster are 5 dummy rounds held in a stripper clip. The rounds show tarnish and verdigris. The pouch and the rounds are in about Very Good condition. 

Belt Buckle: The buckle is parkerized green and marked “GOTT MIT UNS” in a band around an Eagle holding a Swastika. A short piece of leather is looped over the double prongs of the buckle. This is a enlisted man’s German Army buckle. It is in about Very Good condition with thinning on the Eagle and the edges and light scratches in the finish. 

Mein Kampf: This book has a blue cover with a German Eagle holding a Swastika marked globe on the cover, and marked “Adolf Hitler / Mein / Kampf” on the spine – all markings are in gold. The book is a 1944 edition. The cover shows only a few minor handling marks with surface loss on the two back cover lower corners. The first title page (2nd page of the book) has a folded edge with a slight tear and is torn from the 3rd page but still attached to the cover and 1st page. All of the other pages are intact and without damage other than the edges being yellowed from age. The book is in Fine condition. 

Memorabilia: There are four black and white picture postcards of Hitler (all unused), and a 1, 50 and 100 Reichsmark note, all from the late 1930’s. All are in Excellent condition except the 1 mark note which is in Very Good condition, having been folded. There is also a grey pennant with a flying eagle holding a swastika. The stitching is coming loose around the periphery, and the cloth shows slight dirt staining and fading. It is in about Good condition. 

Nazi Clothing: There is a Nazi Party Officer’s armband with a black swastika stitched to a white circle which in turn is stitched to a red wool armband, in Excellent condition. There is a light green silk armband with four eagles holding swastika marked globes. The ends are not connected. This is similar to the German Railroad Workers armband but without their markings, and in Fine condition. There are two SS Standartenfuher (Regiment or Standard Leader, equivalent in rank to Colonel) collar boards. These have gold threads resembling oak leaves on black velvet with a red border. The oak leaves are not identical, suggesting they came from different time frames. One is in Excellent condition and the other is dirty and in Fine condition. There are two grey cloth emblems with winged eagles holding a swastika embroidered into them, each in Fine condition, and a green cloth emblem with eagle holding a swastika in Fair condition. There is also a 2” round German Hitler Youth patch (red with white lightning bolt) that was worn on the left arm. It is in Fine condition. 

Paperwork: There is a notarized letter from his daughter stating that Horace Howard Hart served with the US 327th Glider Infantry Regiment and that he brought back all of these artifacts from Germany, the Luger from a German officer that he killed. The rest of the paperwork includes several pictures of Private Hart in uniform, a picture of the US Airborne Division being cited for their heroism at Bastogne, a copy of his Honorable Discharge, his Separation Qualification Record, and a letter from the VA indicating his life insurance lapsed. All are copies except for the notarized letter, which is the original. All are in Excellent condition. 
Our Assessment: This is a 1941 Mauser built Model 1938 Luger in Very Good condition with a few spots of surface loss, thinning, and handling marks in its original finish. It has all matching numbers, with the exception of the magazine and the bore is pristine. This is a bringback from WWII complete with holster, a dress bayonet with belt and buckle, a canteen, a 1944 edition of Mein Kamp, a “GOTT MIT UNS” buckle with swastika, two different Nazi armbands, a pennant, collar boards, a Hitler Youth patch and other insignia. Included is a letter from our consigner stating her father served in France and brought back these artifacts from the war, along with her father’s discharge papers and other records. This is an outstanding package for the Luger collector and collector of WWII weaponry and artifacts.

WWII 101st Airborne Bringback Documented 1941 Mauser 9mm 1934 byf Luger, Knife, Holster & Other Trophies Of War
WWII 101st Airborne Bringback Documented 1941 Mauser 9mm 1934 byf Luger, Knife, Holster & Other Trophies Of War