Cased Pair of French .45 Caliber Center Hammer Percussion Pocket Pistols – Antique

SOLD FOR: $1,782
Model: Percussion Pocket Pistols
Serial Number: 5 and 6
Year of Manufacture: 1800s
Caliber: The lead balls furnished with the pistols are about 0.450” in diameter. The grooves in the bore measure about .485” and the lands measure about .440”.
Action Type: These are single shot percussion pistols with hammers mounted in the center of the frames and concealed flat triggers that extend out of the bottom of the frames when the hammers are cocked.
Markings: The top of the barrels are marked “Portee Cjtie / 120 metres”. One pistol is marked “5” on the underside barrel flat and the left side of the hammer and the other pistol is marked “6” on the left side of the hammer.
Barrel Length: The half-round half-octagon barrels are 3 3/8” in length.
Sights / Optics: The front sight is a tall brass bead on both pistols. The rear sight on both pistols is a “U” notch between two tall ears on the top of the frame just behind the barrel.
Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are lacquered walnut with engraved fleur-de-leis patters at the side flats on both sides of the grips at the top. The grip portion is grooved down the length of the grips on both sides. The bottoms of the grips have steel grip caps that are shaped to match the grooves in the grips, and taper from an oval to a diamond at the bottom. There is a round stud mounted to the center of the diamond on both grips. The grips show light oil staining and compression marks. The grips on both pistols rate in about Very Good to Fine overall condition.
Type of Finish: The finish is “In The White”. The flat sides and the top of the frame are engraved in a scroll pattern and the bottom surface of the triggers are engraved in a ladder pattern.
Finish Originality: All Original
Bore Condition: The bores are dark in both pistols, and the rifling is deep. Pistol No. 5 shows no erosion in the bore, but the front sight extends down into the bore. Pistol No. 6 shows erosion in the grooves and one of the flats is distressed at the muzzle. The hole for the front sight isn’t even drilled through to the bore on this pistol.
Overall Condition: Both pistols show pinprick surface erosion with heavier erosion around the front sights and on the hammers. Pistol No. 5 shows compression marks on the flat sides of the octagon part of the barrel. Pistol No. 6 shows a few light handling marks. The screw heads on both pistols are distressed. The markings are clear. Overall, pistol No. 5 rates in about Good condition and No. 6 rates in about Fine condition.
Mechanics: The actions function correctly. We did not fire these pistols.
Box, Paperwork & Accessories: These pistols come in a wooden case with accessories. The case has a brass medallion with a fleur-de-lis shape on the lid and a brass escutcheon around a keyhole in the bottom of the case (no key supplied). The case shows multiple compression marks on the lid and sides. The bottom has simulated leather covering with a pebbled finish that is worn around the edges with thinning and wear spots through the finish. The inside of the case is lined with green velvet and fitted for these two pistols, a ramrod, power flask, hammer, and two wooden covered sections for storage of lead balls and percussion caps. The covered sections have wooden fitted lids with small handles in the center. There are 34 lead balls showing light gray corrosion on the surface. The percussion caps are in a tin marked “Leon Beauz / Milano” and “100 Capsule Rigate”. The tin is full or nearly full with bronze percussion caps. The hammer shows small nicks in its varnished finish on one end only. The balls, caps and hammer are in about Fine condition. The powder flask is marked “Made In England / Dixon & Son”. It appears to be made of pewter with brass furnishings. The body of the flask is coated with a tarnished copper colored paint which appears in spots on the bottom edge of the copper top. The brass shows a few small spots of erosion. The flask had powder in it when we received it, which we dumped out, so the thumb release works properly. Overall, the flask is in Very Good condition. The ramrod is wooden with a large button shaped head and a brass hollow tip. The wood shows oil staining and the brass tip is tarnished. It is in about Very Good condition.
Our Assessment: This is a cased set of French percussion pocket pistols with center hammers and concealed triggers. Included in the case are lead balls, percussion caps, a wooden hammer, a ramrod and an 1800s era powder flask from England. The pistols rate in Good and Fine condition respectively. The finish on the Pistol No. 5 shows a few more compression marks than on No. 6, and the front sight hole for Pistol No. 5 is drilled through to the bore with the bottom of the sight protruding into the bore, making it unsafe to fire without removing the front sight. This is a really interesting looking set of pistol, so please see our pictures!! These pistols are sure to find a home in a collection of antique pistols. They come in a handsome wooden case with everything you would need to shoot them except black powder.

Cased Pair of French .45 Caliber Center Hammer Percussion Pocket Pistols - Antique
Cased Pair of French .45 Caliber Center Hammer Percussion Pocket Pistols – Antique