G.R. Douglas W TAYLOE 45 Cal Engraved & Inlay Contemporary Flintlock Pistol

SOLD FOR: $1025

LSB#:  210413TP07

Make: G.R. Douglas

Model: .45 Caliber Flintlock Muzzleloader

Serial Number: None

Year of Manufacture: 1978

Caliber: .45 Ball

Action Type:  Single Shot, Flintlock, Ball, Black Powder Pistol

Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked with “G.R. DOUGLAS  .45 CAL”.  This marking is nearly hidden by the stock.  The top of the barrel is marked with “W TAYLOE” and “1978”.  The lock plate is marked “ASHMORE WARRANTED”.

Barrel Length: 9 ½”

Sights / Optics:  There is a raised V notch attached to the rear of the barrel and a ½ teardrop bladed sight dovetailed to the front of the barrel.

Stock Configuration & Condition:  The stock is one-piece polished and carved walnut, inlaid with brass and metal inserts and brass grip cap.  The ramrod is affixed under and into the stock with an inlaid brass ferrule.  There is thin brass inlay on each side of the handle as well as extending from the grip cap on the back, and from the inlaid ramrod bracket.  The inlay is lifting out of the wood on the left side near the grip cap.  There are two inlaid brass ovals engraved with a sunburst on each side of the barrel where the barrel is pinned to the stock.  The back of the stock has an oval inlay with the depiction of a bearded man in a cap, affixed to top of the grip.  There are scattered small nicks and dings with noticeable scrapes on the right side, across the brass oval closest to the front, and several small scrapes on the left side of the barrel towards the front.  The brass plate on the left side, opposite the lock plate, has a compression mark towards the front. There is one ding on the right side of the handle that goes below the finish.  There are no chips or cracks on the stock.  Overall the stock is in Very Good condition.

Type of Finish:  Browned & Brass

Finish Originality: Yes

Bore Condition:The bore is bright with sharp rifling with no pitting or corrosion.  Overall the condition is  Very Good

Overall Condition: The handgun retains about 90% of its finish.  The mechanics function well.  The trigger and hammer show light oxidation. There is some light finish wear on the lock plate. The frizzen shows operational wear. The screw heads on the lock plate screws on the left are slightly worn with deep slots, the screw affixing the hammer to the lock plate shows some wear, with the screws not used on the lock plate having extra machining to match the designs on the brass inlays.  The brass inlay is in Very Good condition, with a small piece lifting from the wood at the brass grip cap.  The markings are clear, though the markings on the left side of the barrel are obscured by the stock.  Overall this gun rates in Very Good-plus Condition.

Mechanics:  The action functions correctly.  The hammer has light play to the lock plate. The trigger has light play side to side.  The ramrod is in good shape and fits snugly inside the ferrules on the underside of the barrel. We did not fire this handgun. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance requirements.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: None

Our Assessment:  This gun was custom manufactured by G.R. Douglas in 1978, while the Mountain Man revival was in full swing.  G.R. Douglas was well established as being unrivaled amongst peers in the manufacture of contemporary flintlock firearms, standing above today’s Italian and Spanish makers.

The workmanship on this gun is outstanding, with attention to detail a priority for the maker.  The firearm is detailed with fine brass inlay that helps this pistol stand out against other contemporary reproductions.  There are several fine details that are subtle that should be noted on this gun.  The inlaid brass ovals are etched with starburst pattern, along with several of the screw heads in order to match them to the other elements of the gun.  There is a custom metal inlay on the top of the handle depicting a mountain man.  There is inlaid brass “thread” accenting the larger brass pieces of the gun, such as the grip cap and the housing for the ramrod.  This gun was made to the strictest standards for quality and would make an excellent addition to your collection.

G.R. Douglas W TAYLOE 45 Cal Engraved & Inlay Contemporary Flintlock Pistol
G.R. Douglas W TAYLOE 45 Cal Engraved & Inlay Contemporary Flintlock Pistol