Lives Lost and Freedom Threatened; Newton, CT.

Taking Stock #25

In my entire life I have never seen anything as sickening as what happened in Newton CT. Horrified is the best word I have heard to describe our emotions as a nation right now. With this tragedy, comes nothing but sympathy for a grieving nation and so many affected families. With tears in our eyes and heavy hearts, we must move on…

Of course our politicians will react and we pray it is not our Freedom that ultimately suffers. One man’s actions will affect millions.

There will always be murderers, terrorists and criminals; with or without guns. It is the guns that keep the rest of us safe and keep the balance of power. There is no un-ringing of the bell… and guns could NEVER be removed from society, so trying to would only disarm the innocent. As the terrorists have shown us with IED’s and airplanes, anyone wishing to do harm will accomplish just that, regardless of the tools made available. Despite what Bob Costas thinks, Jovan Belcher would have committed his murder-suited some other way without guns. Murders have been a part of society long before firearms.

It is in this difficult time that we free Americans should exercise our second amendment rights, defending them against any attack. As Manny Dela Cruz from so eloquently stated: “the core purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to maintain the balance of power that exists between the government and the governed”. It is our second amendment rights that protect us from criminals and ultimately our government; and it is our second amendment right that protects all the others.

Walter E. Williams, August 3, 1995: “This century, so far, international wars and civil wars have taken about 39 million lives. But that’s small in comparison to deliberate government murder. Since the beginning of this century, and keep in mind there are four years left, governments have murdered 170 million people, mostly their own citizens.”

The first step to this is a disarmed society, and we cannot let it happen on our watch.

Support your freedoms and exercise them, or they will be lost.

God Bless America, Our Founders, our Soldiers and Thank God for the Bill of Rights!