David W.

What a great experience! I was persuaded by the numerous strong Yelp reviews, and its impressive auction site, to visit Lock Stock & Barrel when I wanted to dispose of some vintage and antique firearms that had been in the family for years, as well as a couple of more recent guns. Dan, the company’s manager of acquisitions, graciously spent the better part of an hour discussing the various pieces with me and explaining details I’d never been aware of. Having watched their online auctions, I’m confident Lock Stock & Barrel will do an excellent job preparing the guns and presenting them to a market large enough to achieve fair prices. And I suspect the results will be significantly better than if I’d turned the firearms over to a standard gun retailer. Considering the knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism of the staff, and how pleasant they made the whole process, using Lock Stock & Barrel was an excellent decision. I’d definitely recommend them for selling personal firearms or military memorabilia, especially if you’re dealing with collectible guns whose potential value you’re unsure of.