We are passionate about what we do, and it shows

Spencer, Alyse & Walker Hoglund President

Spencer is our founder, he started Lock Stock & Barrel in his college apartment in 2007 and has been selling online since 2002. After Grad School at Pepperdine, Spencer took Lock Stock & Barrel full time and has guided it through tremendous growth, centered on delivering the best service quality possible. You’ll find Spencer’s labrador retrievers at work with him on a regular basis and when not at work, he’s probably driving the country with his family picking up your guns.

Amanda Rella

Amanda Rella Consignor Liaison

Amanda is our fantastic Consignor Liaison, keeping our consignors connected with their auction's progress. She started at LSB literally counting bullets and moved quickly up the ranks having worked in almost every department. Amanda has turned her first job into a longtime career with her high quality work and vast knowledge of LSB. Amanda brings whatever we need, whenever we need it.

Ryan Avena West Coast Acquisitions Manager

Former Marine turned LSB Shipping Manager, turned LSB Acquisitions Manager, Ryan has climbed the ranks. If you have a firearm and it is within a day or two’s drive of LSB, Ryan is coming for it! Prompt and presentable, energetic and eager, Ryan is one of the engines that drives the acquisition at the company. Don’t be surprised if your phone rings and it’s Ryan calling to see if you need us to sell anything for you!

Austin Melling Photography Manager

Austin comes to us with auction experience on a smaller scale, but he's learned the ropes quickly. He's taken the reins of the photography department and turned them into a smooth running machine. When he's not at work you can find him outside hiking or indoors hunched over a board game.

Hector Rivera Shipping Manager

Hector is no stranger to the gun world. Customer turned employee, he’s a gun lover, father and frequent hunter. He’s a great asset to LSB, ensuring that our customers receive their purchases well-packaged, in compliance and on-time. When not managing our logistics department, you can find him enjoying the great outdoors.

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Jamie Carter Legal Compliance Associate

When Spencer found out that Jamie was on the job market, nothing got in the way of bringing her into the LSB family. Having worked with her in the past, he knew that she would be an expert at the time consuming data entry involved with selling firearms, as well as managing compliance that we're required to maintain. She is an invaluable part of our staff.

Rachel Marocco Dispositions Associate

Rachel is the newest addition to the Admin staff, working hard to make sure customer payments and requests are handled on time. She is always willing to help and do whatever it takes to get the job done. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys playing video games with friends and hanging out with her loved ones.

Antoinette Simental Receptionist

Antoinette is the voice you hear on the phones and the smile you see walking in for your appointment. Always willing to help anyone, she sits at the front desk forwarding calls and doing anything she's needed for. Antoinette has a creative mind, with a BA in Dance. but loves office work and brings that creativity to the office. She takes dance classes and goes to Disneyland in her free time but on the clock Antoinette brings that same energy and happiness to LSB

Kevin Brown Consignor Liason

Kevin is a new arrival to LSB and comes from the world of HR and staffing. He said he would hire employees for their “will” vs their “skill”, and that is why we hired him. In a short time frame Kevin has been educating and challenging himself to learn the ins and outs of the firearms world. He is recently married, loves gemstone auctions, and is passionate about firearms and collecting. Kevin is your go-to guy when locals come in to consign.

Spencer Garrett

Spencer “Red” Garrett Gun Writer

Red has climbed the ranks here, showing dedication, incredible energy and perseverance from the start. Red is a crucial part of the team and one of our most valuable writers, expanding his knowledge daily about all types of firearms. Red is a blur of energy all the time and is also channeling that into competitive shooting.

Rob Cobos

Rob Cobos Military Gun Writer

Rob is our ever knowledgeable and insightful expert on both foreign and U.S. military rifles. It is always a challenge to stump Rob, and whether it's a bayonet or a bolt, he can not only identify the rifle but also tell you the entire history of it. Rob is a retired police officer, spending his time now identifying what we get in here, pumping iron at the local gym and “nerding” out at Comic Con.

Trevor Wakefield

Trevor Wakefield Gun Writer

Trevor is one of LSB’s crack gun writing staff. Dedication, willingness to learn, work ethic and drive are words we would use to describe Trevor. With specific expertise in the field, if it crosses Trevor’s desk, you can rest assured nothing will be missed and attention will be given.

Brian Yen Gun Writer

Brian brings with him a genuine interest in and respect for gun collecting, and he does his level best to highlight why each gun is special. Coming from a background in charity work, Brian works long and hard to improve his craft and expand his knowledge of firearms.

Andrew Graham Gun Writer

Originally from New Jersey, Andrew is the smart and silent type. He lives, breathes and eats firearms and can frequently be found on his lunch break reading about their history. What better person to be part of our skilled writing staff? He's also worked in retail firearms and we're lucky to have someone with his experience here at LSB.

Robert Green Gun Writer

Robert (or Robbie or Bobert...) comes to us with 14 years experience in the arms auction industry and has moved from intake manager to gun writer. His long time firearms experience makes him a shoo in for the detailed descriptions buyers have come to appreciate. Robert is a new resident to Simi Valley and a new father!

Luke Hopper Intake Associate

Luke is passionate about the history and design aspects of the antique firearms he has come across his desk and is now also branching out into acquisitions. He may be the one consigning your guns in the office; you'll appreciate his calm demeanor and vast knowledge. He enjoys his weekends as a living historian from panning the gold fields of Coloma, California to assaulting the ramparts of Fort Blakely, Alabama.

Robert Herrera

Robert Herrera Writer

Robert or “El Roberto” is always diligently sorting through ammo, brass and bullets, keeping a steady flow for our bidders and doing it with a smile on his face. Whether it is a box of 9mm or a single obscure and obsolete cartridge, Roberto will identify it and get it to auction. If you don’t get the response you need from him, he’s not ignoring you, he just can't hear you. Speak Up!

Daniel Doty Photographer

Daniel is a dad to two beautiful girls, a German shepherd dog dad and married to his high school sweet heart since 2016. He started his own photography business straight out of college and has been filming anything and everything ever since. We depend on Daniel for quality, accuracy and he's always up for a challenge.

Craig Scott

Craig Scott Writer

Craig is one of the few here who is responsible for our massive volume of parts sales. Having liquidated gun and gunsmithing shops, we have tons of parts that need identification. Always with a caliper in hand and jewelers glasses at the ready, Craig weeds through our piles of parts and brings exciting offerings every week to our customers. When not nose down over the workbench, he is laying down rubber on his street bike.

Jorge Reyes Logistics Associate

Jorge is one of our most valuable additions and an integral part of making sure orders ship out on time. You need anything? Jorge is always there to lend a helping hand with a smile. When he's not making sure shipments go out packaged well and on time, he's out in the wilderness camping and shooting or spending time with friends and family.

Chris Armour Logistics Associate

Chris comes with 15 years experience in packing and shipping. Always putting the customer first, he is willing to do whatever task to get the job done and done right!

Palmer Bailey

Palmer Bailey California Customer Rep

Palmer is our Saturday Sarah. He is that big fish in the pond that legend tells of, but you can’t quite catch. We wish he was here every day and you’ll know why after meeting him. Whether it is movie gun knowledge, obscure firearms history, cigar smoking, sweet talking or the ever evolving California regulatory landscape, Palmer is our Jedi Master.

Uncle Bobby

‘Uncle’ Bobby Road Trip Assistant

Uncle Bobby is actually Spencer's uncle and has been here since the start. LSB’s first office space was 400 square feet, which Bob helped to drywall and paint. There was no A/C and only one bathroom. Luckily LSB grew well beyond that and always with the help of Uncle Bobby. Now you are likely to see Uncle Bobby on the road with Spencer and Alyse, helping Walker keep an eye on them and helping the consignment loads safely get back to California.

Brian Hoover

Brian Hoover Director of Interstate Acquisitions

Brian has been there since the start, literally… Brian is Spencer’s High School best friend, who wisely left California and sought refuge in Cody, WY. Affectionately known as “Hoover”, Brian is the Director of Interstate Acquisitions. You have never met a more can-do man, and no matter what makes you run into Brian, he’ll leave you with a great smile and an even better hug. There is nothing that Brian cannot get done, sold or brought back… Anything you need Hoover to gather up and sell for you, just let us know!

Justin Lee Wyoming Outpost Auctions Operations Manager

This big bear of a man with the Santa laugh is only 25 years old, but has a maturity far beyond his years. He manages the operations of WYOA like a boss with quiet steady leadership. No need to check on him because his tasks are complete and he ensures our Wyoming affiliate is running smoothly.

Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer Northwest Acquisitions

Teresa, or Arctic Annie, is a woman of many talents. We are excited to have her (and sometimes her husband, Wade) as a part of the team because she is the energy we need in the Pacific Northwest. She has many years of experience in the gun industry and the auction business. Anything you need in Oregon or Washington, call Teresa!

Logan Swartz

Logan Swartz WYOA Assistant Operations Manager

Logan is the engine behind the outpost and the muscle needed on the cross-country pick-up trips. Whether processing “California-discriminated” firearms for auction from WY, or gathering said firearms from around the country, Logan gets it done. It is uncertain if his girls made him such a nice man or if he came that way! Regardless, that’s how this Wyoming Gentleman is!

Jed Becker WYOA Road Trip Driver

Jed is that young man you wish you could hire and then adopt, but you can’t, he’s ours! You will meet Jed on the road with LSB and WOA, impressing you with his politeness and willingness to work. Sit back and let Jed do all the lifting for you (we do, LOL). He's our latest full time addition to the road trip roster, but we're sure he'll be picking up for years to come.

Jared Brandt Photography/Shipping

Jared is the man behind all of our auction photos and shipments going out. He has a passion for hunting and all things firearms. Which makes him the right fit to capture the perfect photos and know how to keep your firearms protected as they ship across the country. He is always willing to work the extra hours necessary to keep the photos going up and the packages going out and as a bonus his wife Hanna often comes in to help print labels or upload photos.

Nick DelDuca eBay Writer

We hired Nick from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West museum's exclusive tours team where he was an intern and led tours throughout the 5 museums housed there. He interned at several other museums throughout his years as a college student, where he earned a Master's degree of Arts in Museum Studies with a few other related degrees sprinkled in there. He is now one of our main eBay writers where he excels in writing and posting items to sell.