What is a DROS?

The DROS is the “Dealers Record of Sale” form that must be filled out each time a firearm is purchased by a California resident. The DROS form completed for handgun & long gun transfers contains information about both the firearm buyer and the firearm itself (make, model, serial number, etc.). This information is used by the Department of Justice to run the criminal and mental history background check on the buyer and to register the Firearm.

Registration is actually done and maintained by the Department of Justice, but local law enforcement agencies have access to them 24 hours a day. The “DROS fee” collected by Lock Stock & Barrel is sent to the Department of Justice along with the DROS form to pay for the Department’s cost of conducting the criminal and mental history background check.

By state law, the department is not allowed to charge any more than its actual costs. It is expressly prohibited from making a profit on the DROS fee. DROS fee is $25 no matter how many guns you are starting. Because of the DROS requirement, a C&R firearm cannot be shipped directly to a California C&R holder.