Dan Wesson Arms of Monson, Mass. Model 715-VH, Satin Stainless Steel 8” 6-Shot Revolver, 4 Barrels, Case & More MFD 1982


LSB#: 170113AS01

Make: Dan Wesson Arms of Monson, Mass.

Model: 715-VH

Serial Number: SD013257

Year of Manufacture: Approximately 1982

Caliber: .357 Magnum & .38 Special

Action Type: 6-Shot, Double Action / Single Action, Swing-Out Fluted Cylinder Revolver

Markings: The right of the installed barrel shrouds are marked “DAN WESSON ARMS / .357 MAGNUM CTG”. The right of the frame is marked “DAN WESSON ARMS / MONSON, MASS. U.S.A.” and the serial number. The yoke is marked “S”. The factory hard case is serialized to the pistol.

Barrel Length: The installed barrel is 8” in a 7 ¼” full underlug shroud. The barrel is removable. The pistol comes with the following as well: 4” barrel in 3 ¼” shroud, 2 5/8” barrel in 2” shroud and 6 ¼” barrel in 5 ¼” shroud.

Sights / Optics: The lugs are ventilated with black pinned ramp blade front sights, all with red inserts. The top of the shrouds and frame are matted for glare reduction. The frame is mounted with a wide square notched target base, that is adjustable for windage and elevation.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are a one piece checkered stock with “DW” medallions; this stock shows a few faint scuffs in Excellent Plus condition. Another set of grip are included, which present finger grooves on the front strap portion; the stock has a forward angled profile with a rounded butt. This stock has a few filing marks that will be covered when installed onto the pistol. The grips rate in about Excellent overall condition.

Type of Finish: Satin Stainless Steel

Finish Originality: Factory Original

Bore Condition: The bores are bright and the rifling is sharp; the 4” barrel has a portion of compressed rifling that may have been from harsh cleaning. There is no erosion in the bores.

Overall Condition: This handgun retains about 98% of its metal finish. A faint drag line is observed on the cylinder, indicating minimal use. The barrels and moving components do not look to have seen much use. The barrel shrouds have a few scattered light scuffs, the edges on the muzzles are crisp. The surfaces have a few polishing blemishes from the factory but the metal to metal fit and overall construction is rigid. The screw heads are sharp. The markings are crisp. Overall, this handgun rates in about Excellent condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. The cylinder produces TIGHT full lockup in all chambers. The single action pull is short and crisp, double action is smooth. The revolver is equipped with a transfer bar safety. We did not fire this handgun. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance requirements.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: The revolver comes with its original factory hard case with an orange felt inner liner. The case is recessed for the included 3 extra barrels, shrouds, belt buckle, patch, extra grip set, instruction manual, 0.06″ barrel spacer, clear chamber indicator (which has a crack) and barrel wrench. The items have wax paper wrappings from Ludlow, all marked for Feb. 1982. Some wax paper sheets have light tears and bends but overall they rate in Very Good to Fine condition. All other accessories show minimal use and are in Excellent condition.

Our Assessment: From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Wesson_Firearms “Daniel B. Wesson II (1916–1978) was the great-grandson[1] of one of the founders of Smith & Wesson, where he worked from 1938 until 1963. He earned his degree[2] in Material Science and Metallurgy and controlled the quality of his production strictly. After the purchase of Smith & Wesson by the Bangor-Punta manufacturing concern, Daniel B. Wesson set out to open his own manufacturing operation in order to produce high quality, American made revolvers for service as well as competition use. Dan Wesson Arms was incorporated in 1968, with its headquarters and production located in a former school building in Monson, Massachusetts. Wesson was aware of gunmaker Karl Lewis’ modular designs which had been proposed during Lewis’ tenure with Browning, and then further refined during a period spent with High Standard. Wesson signed a production agreement with Lewis, and began setting up the necessary machining and manufacturing equipment. Urging Lewis to prepare prototypes for display at major gun shows, Wesson began tirelessly promoting the company, while working to build a sales and distribution network in an extremely competitive market largely dominated by three or four manufacturers. The new Dan Wesson revolver proved to be extremely accurate, though sales were limited – in large part due to the gun’s unorthodox appearance. After reworking the design to improve its aesthetics and correct some detail faults, Wesson introduced the revised model as the Model 15 in .357 Magnum and .22 Long Rifle calibers. This new version of the revolver again demonstrated the inherent accuracy of the threaded barrel design, and the Model 15 and its successor Model 15-2 became extremely popular with both civilian target shooters and hunters.[3] A large framed version in .44 Magnum caliber was introduced in 1980, and was also a success, particularly with competitors in IMSA metallic silhouette competition.[3] The new revolvers compared well in all respects in fit and finish to the best models offered by Colt and Smith & Wesson, using heat-treated, investment-cast 4140 chrome moly steel frames with a deep, highly polished blue finish. Later, Dan Wesson offered revolvers in stainless steel as well.[3] Barrels and shrouds were constructed of chrome moly steel.” Dan Wesson fans and collectors; you simply don’t come across this every day! In Excellent condition, you have a revolver capable of fitting 4 different barrel sizes. The action is up there with the best revolvers that come through the shop and it looks to have been used infrequently. The factory hard case, extra grips and other goodies make this a rare chance to own a 1980’s DW 6-shooter, we see these come through from time to time but not in such a fine grouping.

Dan Wesson Arms of Monson, Mass. Model 715-VH, Satin Stainless Steel 8” 6-Shot Revolver, 4 Barrels, Case & More MFD 1982
Dan Wesson Arms of Monson, Mass. Model 715-VH, Satin Stainless Steel 8” 6-Shot Revolver, 4 Barrels, Case & More MFD 1982